The Victims’ Game Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The second season of The Victims’ Game, a Taiwanese Netflix original series, is really happening. In September of 2020, Netflix opened its media hub. Netflix has announced that The Victims Game at Home will premiere on April 30, 2020. The show isn’t the first Taiwanese creation to make it to the big screen. Let’s talk about the storyline, then!

The Victims’ Game is a 2020 Taiwanese Netflix original series starring Joseph Chang, Ann Hsu, and Jason Wang. The narrative revolves around Fang Yi-Jen (Joseph Chang), a forensic scientist with Asperger’s syndrome, and Hsu Hai-yin (Ann Hsu), an analytical journalist looking into a case involving Fang Yi-Jen’s daughter. Season 2 of the show will launch in 2022, as announced in September of that year.

The Victims’ Game Season 2 Renewal Status

According to the Netflix media department, the second season of the Taiwanese Netflix Original series will premiere in September 2020. This isn’t the first Taiwanese original series to air on the service. Only this one, however, has survived beyond the first season. The show was well-received by viewers and reviewers alike. The police thriller “The Victims Game” was deemed successful by Decider, who gave it a “Stream It” recommendation.

In addition to these films, Netflix has also released “Nowhere Man” (Taiwan) in October 2019, “Triad Princess” (Taiwan) in December 2019, and “The Ghost Bride” (Taiwan) in January 2020.

The Victims’ Game Season 2 Release Date

When will The Victims Game Season 2 be released? Isn’t it about time that our listeners get some explanations? Permit us to fill you in. There has been no announcement of a new season as of yet. Season one of the show aired in 2020, and fans have been waiting ever since for season two. However, we haven’t heard any such news as of yet.

We now know that the next season will premiere in 2024 since the showrunners have officially announced it. Most of you will be thrilled by this announcement, while others will be frustrated by the additional two-month delay. We are unable to assist you at this time; please be patient.

The Victims’ Game Season 2 Cast

We do not have the formal casting information yet, but we have been looking at the likely return of the three key cast members. The cast includes Joseph Chang as the Asperger ‘s-afflicted former forensic scientist Fang Yi-Jen, Ann Hsu as the investigative reporter Hsu Hai-Yin, and Moon Lee as Fang Yi-Jen’s daughter Chiang Hsiao-Meng.

  • Joseph Chang as Fang Yi-Jen
  • Hsu Wei-ning as Hsu Hai-Yin
  • Shih-hsien Wang as Chao Cheng-Kuan
  • Ruby Lin as Li Ya-Jun
  • River Huang as Yu Cheng-Hao
  • Chia-Kuei Chen as Chang Tsung-Chien
  • Rexen Cheng as Chuang Ping-Yao
  • Moon Lee [zh] as Chiang Hsiao-Meng, Fang Yi-Jen’s daughter
  • Ning Ding as Su Ko-Yun
  • Joseph Hsia as Liu Kuang-Yung
  • Zhang-xing Chang as Liao
  • Bruce Chen as Ta-Tse
  • Diane Lin as Chou Yu-hsuan
  • Sheng-te Hong as Sun Yung-Chen
  • Hao-zhe Lai as Fatso
  • Nien-hsien Ma as Chen Yao-Hui

The Victims’ Game Story

Fang Yi-jen, a forensic scientist with a neurodevelopmental disability, and Hsu Hai-yin, a journalist, both star in this compelling series. They set out on a quest to solve the murder case together. However, things become more complicated when Yi-jen’s daughter is shown to have a surprising connection to the murder.

Fang must now make a tough decision between his responsibilities as an investigator and his feelings for his daughter. Fang, the lead investigator, must decide how important it is to focus on finding the perpetrators of the crime and bringing them to justice. This moral conundrum adds a fascinating aspect to the narrative, leaving viewers wondering which road Fang would finally pick, whether it is to protect his daughter by withholding critical information or to protect someone closest to him who may be implicated.

The Victims’ Game Season 2 Plot

Mystery, intrigue, suspense, terror, and suspicion all permeated the first season of the show. The investigator is concerned since the corpse was discovered burned and damaged with acids. But then he was faced with the peculiar circumstance of wondering whether his daughter was complicit in the weird events.

The above-mentioned reporters Hsu Hai-Yin, Fang Yi-Jen, and Hsiao-Meng will all find themselves in peril at some point in the sequel. This season, Fang Yi-Jen will mend fences with his daughter. The story’s protagonist will be able to spend more time with his daughter, allowing them to grow closer to one another. He is stepping away from his investigative work for a while.

Season two, according to showrunners Hank Tseng and Phil Tang, will be “even more exciting and compelling than the first.” When the show’s producers make a promise like this, viewers know they won’t be disappointed and can look forward to even more thrills in the next season.

The Victims’ Game Season 2 Trailer

The producers of The Victims’ Game have yet to unveil a promotional video for the upcoming second season. You may check out the Season 1 trailer right now, however!

The Victims’ Game Rating

The program is highly popular among youths. The program received a higher rating from the viewers. The show’s 8.1 IMDb rating is a testament to its massive viewership.

The Victims’ Game Performance on Netflix

The show was successful in Asia, but it seems to have flopped elsewhere.’s statistics show that the show only made it into the top 10 on Netflix in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. The series spent the most of May 2020 at number one in the Taiwanese charts after spending 57 consecutive days there in the top 10.

Where to watch The Victims’ Game?

The criminal drama series “Victim’s Game” from Taiwan is a must-watch on Netflix.


The riveting plot and engrossing characters of Victim’s Game make it a popular criminal drama series in Taiwan. In addition to providing enjoyable entertainment, the program also poses intriguing concerns about fairness, loyalty, and the extent to which one would go to defend one’s loved ones.

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