The Rawalpindi Express

Fast bowling is one of the two main approaches to performing this task in the sport of cricket. It is possible to visit the sportsbook India – 1xBet website in order to place wagers on the best bowlers in the game.

Mastering this technique is quite difficult. However, there are a few legendary players who have become true examples of this kind of bowling. One of them is Shoaib Akhtar. He is a former Pakistani player who was also known as the Rawalpindi Express. The reason for that nickname were his incredibly fast deliveries. The website of the 1xBet India sportsbook features lots of Pakistani cricket matches.

Akhtar’s deliveries were so fast, that he was the first professional cricketer ever to deliver at a speed greater than 100 miles per hour. This is equivalent to 160 kilometers per hour, which is truly remarkable. However, as it will be seen here, not everything was so great about the Pakistani’s career.

A career with ups and downs

Shoaib Akhtar played professionally between 1997 and 2011. During that time he performed mostly in domestic cricket teams. The website can also be used to wager on the Pakistani national side.

In 1999, Akhtar started to show his true potential. He had some remarkable games in preparation for the Cricket World Cup of that year. In fact, he also performed greatly in the competition itself. Pakistan ended as runners-up of the tournament, and during the championship they defeated powerful squads like:

  • the West Indies;
  • Australia;
  • and New Zealand;

The 1xBet betting platform is definitely the best place to wager on the Cricket World Cup. However, things weren’t as good for Akhtar for the next edition of the tournament. In fact, he had some high profile clashes with teammates and coaches.

Struggles in his late career

Akhtar had his fair share of controversies during later stages of his career. For example, the Pakistani team toured Australia in 2005. When visiting the website – bet on kabaddi now and also wager in cricket, which can be done on those two teams.

However, this tour would be a total disaster for the player. In fact, he was expelled from the squad after many alleged disciplinary breaches.

At the same time, Shoaib Akhtar was struggling with injuries to his knee. This forced him to be out of the game for several months in order to have surgical treatment. However, he managed to return in a great form in 2011, where he continued to impress with his extremely fast deliveries. The best place to bet on kabaddi and cricket now is 1xBet, which features cricket matches from Pakistan, India, and many other countries.

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