‘Dynasty’ Season 3 Netflix Release Date 2019-2020

‘Dynasty’ Season 3 Netflix Release Date 2019-2020

The hit show ‘Dynasty’ will be returning for a third season on Netflix. A remake of the popular 80s show of the same name, ‘Dynasty’ follows the lives and loves of the effluent Carrington family. Similar to season 1 and season 2, the series will premiere in the autumn. We have spilled all the deets about the new season below.

'Dynasty' Season 3
‘Dynasty’ Season 3

Release Schedule Of ‘Dynasty’ Season 3

‘Dynasty’ follows two release schedules – one as a Netflix original in countries such as Canada and the UK and the other as the CW show in US Netflix. 

For countries other than the US, you can rejoice! You will get the new episodes only a day later after it is released on The CW. The CW is planning for an 11th October opening with a weekly schedule. So, you can watch the episodes on Netflix starting from 12th October. 

For Netflix viewers in the US, you will need to be patient. If you can’t catch up via The CW, you will have to wait for the season to be wrapped up before it arrives on the streaming platform.


Season 2 of ‘Dynasty’ ended on a dramatic note. You can expect all the drama to continue in the third season as well. Plenty of family conflict courtesy of Fallon and Adam, with the return of Blake seeking revenge adding more fuel to the fire. There will be plenty of secrets to be exposed and skeletons to be unearthed, especially with the relationship between Fallon and Liam. With season 3, expect plot twists and turns galore.


Most of the core cast will be returning.

  • Elizabeth Gillies – Fallon Carrington
  • Rafael de La Fuente – Sam Jones
  • Sam Underwood – Adam Carrington
  • Robert Christopher Riley – Michael Culhane
  • Sam Adegoke – Jeff Colby
  • Maddison Brown – Kirby Anders
  • Alan Dale – Joseph Anders
  • Grant Show – Blake Carrington
  • Michael Michele – Dominique Deveraux
  • Daniella Alonso – Cristal Jennings

But a few actors will be leaving the show as well. Most notably, James Mackay, who plays Steven will no longer be a regular but maybe a guest star as the evil twin, Adam. Ana Brenda Contreras is moving on from the role of Cristal Jennings too citing health complications. Also, Sallie Patrick will be replaced by Josh Reims in the next season.

With building anticipation from the Dynasty fans, let’s hope the new season lives up to the hype! Are you excited for season 3?

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