Sharon Stone paid Leonardo DiCaprio’s salary on ‘Fast and Dead’ because the studio didn’t want to sign “a stranger”

The actress Sharon Stone recently published his memoir ‘The Beauty of Living Twice’, in which he reviews his career in Hollywood. In it, she recalls her collisions with the TriStar Pictures studio during the making of ‘Quick and Deadly’, a film in which she also served as a producer.

One of the most striking aspects that he points out is that Leonardo Dicapriohe was the only one who embroidered his audition“for his character, highlighting that -beware of the spoiler if you haven’t seen the movie-“he was the only one who came and cried begging his father to love him as he died in that scene“but he also remembers the response he received from the study:

Why a stranger, Sharon, why are you always shooting yourself in the foot

The actress remembers the only solution they proposed to her if she wanted so much to count on the actor, who at that time had already been nominated for an Oscar for ‘Who does Gilbert Grape love?’: “The studio said that if I wanted it that badly, I could pay it out of my own, so I did.“.

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The studio didn’t want Sam Raimi either

In addition, he was not the only one who supported, as TriStar Pictures did not consider that San Raimi was suitable to carry it out, since they saw the person in charge of ‘Infernal Possession’ as “a director of D-series movies“So it was necessary to go back to the economic to convince the study, since, according to Stone recalls, he told them that”would work almost for free as an incentive“.

Sam Raimi

And it is that Stone was clear that she was not going to limit herself to cashing the check and shutting up when she was a producer of the movie:

In my business, for an actress to be a producer is seen as a vanity deal, which means that she is paid for the work but to shut up and not meddle. I will not accept that and I made it clear from the beginning. I said it was illegal and I like to work within the law. That brings a lot of silence and not too much joy to the other side.

Unfortunately, ‘Quick and Dead’ was a box office failure, since it cost 35 million dollars and its worldwide collection was just 46 million.

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