Epic Games presents the future of video games: MetaHuman

The creators of Unreal Engine show us their new tool, capable of creating ultra-realistic humans.

Epic Games is probably known to most gamers as the creators of Fortnite. Still, the American company actually appeared on the map as the famous development tool Unreal Engine.

Continuing down this path, they have now introduced a new platform that promises to develop the industry when it comes to graphics: MetaHuman.

As the name implies, this tool is focused on creating humans quickly and ultra-realistic.

“Essentially, the product we are launching is replacing hundreds of man-hours that we would normally have to invest in building a single asset,” Epic Games VP of Digital Humans Technology Vladimir Mastilovic explained to IGN.

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The video that you can find on these lines makes it clear, the results obtained through MetaHuman are incredible, and Kim Liberi, director of technology at Epic Games, also assures that the possibilities it offers are endless: “Users are free to change the textures, the shadows, exaggerating proportions, changing strand hair to some crazy anime style.

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