Masamune-Kun Revenge Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything You Need to Know

Masamune-Kun Revenge Season 2

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge’s season 2 trailer was unveiled on Friday, Nov 25. The characters Masamune Makabe & Aki Adagaki are introduced in the teaser and spend the bulk of the film on the screen. According to the teaser, the second season of Masamune-Revenge Kun will premiere in the spring of 2023. As of the time this article was written, no precise launch date has been specified, however, fans may probably anticipate it sometime in the early spring.

The season’s release date for the spring of 2023, without a definite date as of the writing of this article, was also indicated by the trailer. Miku Ito as Murel Besson and Yasuyuki Kase as Frank Besson, two French students who Masamune and Aki encountered on a field trip, have joined the cast. The aforementioned trailer also includes both of the characters.

The opening theme tune for the forthcoming season will also be revealed by the adaptation team. The season’s opening theme, Ayaka Ohashi’s Please, Please!, was revealed along with a remark from Ohashi. She expresses her joy at being selected for the consists and describes the style of the accompanying video.

The second which was before the event for season 2, which will broadcast the very first installment in its entirety, was also confirmed by the series team. The before will be in Tokyo’s United Cinemas Toyosu on Saturday, Jan 7, 2023. To discuss the highlights of the second season, Natsuki Hanae (voice of Masamune Makabe), Ayaka Ohashi (voice of Aki Adagaki), and Inori Minase (voice of Yoshino Koiwai) will all be present.

Masamune Makabe, the show’s protagonist, is followed. He had a strong connection with Aki Adagaki when he was a small, fat child, but one day she abandoned him and called him “Pig’s Foot.” Masamune changed his identity and diet to get retribution. He also started working out daily, becoming a fit and attractive, albeit conceited, high school student.

After this metamorphosis, he runs across Aki again, but this time she doesn’t recognize him. This drives him to make the effort to woo her into loving him before he cruelly and shamelessly rejects her. All along the way, he allies with Yoshino Koiwai, Aki’s classmate and personal assistant, who eerily seems to be aware of Masamune’s alias.

Nothing is worse than being rejected by your crush while you are still a little child. Masamune-Kun didn’t react well when his childhood buddy and crush, Aki Adagaki, gave him the cold shoulder because of this. Makabe Masamune, therefore, committed his life to be the ideal “princely” gentleman so he could one day get revenge on Aki. Masamune-Revenge Kun’s premiered in 2017, and word of Season 2 hasn’t surfaced in a while.

Masamune-Revenge Kun’s Series 2 was revealed in April 2021, but there was no more word on when it could run. Masamune-Revenge Kun’s R was the only information given to fans, along with a summary of the first season’s events.

Fans must make do with a newly published poster that features the core three since there is still no information on the release date. Given the enormous cliffhanger that the first season’s finale left with, it seems that the next series will include a complicated love triangle.

The episodes imply that there could have been much more of Aki’s rejection than what she first said, even if Masamune’s only motivation was to get vengeance. This new season may have a background that hasn’t yet been revealed.

Because there is no information regarding the narrative or how it will be translated from the manga, the public is free to speculatively how the first season will be continued in the second. For the second round, the majority of the principal characters—including Masamune, Aki, Yoshino, and Neko—will also be played by members of the original cast.

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge Season 2 Release Date

Choosing to produce a second season takes five years. In January 2017, the anime premiered. The second series of Masamune-Revenge Kun was later confirmed for April 2022.

Regarding the choice for the second season, there was a sign. After scrounging from the official Twitter, a program for the first season was repeated in January 2022. On March 30, 2022, the last episode of ODA was broadcast.

The announcement for the second season was then made as an April Fool’s joke. After four postings on a single day, the second season was formally revealed in the evening. The anniversary PV, which features sequences from the first season, was also released at the same time.

Finally, on November 25, 2022, the release date and PV for season 2 were revealed. On April 4, 2023, Masamune-Revenge Kun’s made its debut.

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge Season 2 Characters

Masamune and Aki are the main characters of “Masamune Kun No Revenge,” a romance that pays close attention to its modest ensemble. The youthful Masamune, who was formerly somewhat chubby, quickly made friends with the lovely Aki Adagaki. But when he approaches her and asks her out, she politely declines, calling him “Pig Foot.” Masamune spends the years that follow focusing on becoming in shape and looking good so that he might pursue Aki once again and then viciously reject her as she did to him years before.

Two additional important characters, Yoshino Koiwai and Neko Fujinomiya join the primary pair. The former is employed as the affluent Aki’s maid and is persuaded to assist Masamune in his nefarious scheme by the abuse of her boss. She has Inori Minase as her voice. The second is Masamune’s second childhood buddy, who reconnected with the main character after an accidental meeting between him and Aki. She has Suzuko Mimori as her voice.

Western anime lovers will also be happy to hear that the first season of “Masamune Kun No Revenge” acquired an English dub, allowing them to get to know these characters in their language. So, fans may probably anticipate a remastered edition of the Second season as well.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season 2 Trailer

The next stop for Masamune-Revenge Kun is France, as shown in the teaser. For the second season, a new supporting cast will be added. Two more cast members for the next season are included in the website’s news.

For the second season, the original staff will return. The anime is under the direction of Minato Mirai. Yokote Michiko wrote the narrative, while Kameyama Toshiki oversaw the sound. The anime is still produced by Silver Link Studio.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season 2 Story

Masamune Makabe has a troubled history. He was a chubby boy who had a crush who nicknamed him a piglet. Heartbroken, he decided to train in the mountains with his grandparents. He wakes older to become an ideal gorgeous lad, propelled by retribution.

What’s left for him to do is to make Adagaki Aki, his first love interest, become infatuated with him, and then he must just dump her. perfect strategy Unfortunately for him, someone is aware of his childhood moniker, “piglet.”

The person who writes him a note with a moniker attached to it is Koiwai Yoshino, Aki’s assistant. He merely needs to come to grips with the fact that his long-term strategy is failing. Yoshino, it turns out, wants to assist him in exacting revenge on Aki.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season 2 Plot

As was previously mentioned, “Masamune Kun No Revengefirst “‘s season ended on a cliff, leaving Masamune’s choice to betray Aki’s confidence up to interpretation. The two had just finished acting in the “Snow White” play that their class put up, which featured a kiss between both the two potential lovers.

Oddly, Aki punched Masamune after he kissed him on stage. But before she embarks on a class trip to Paris, the two reconcile and have a tender moment. Masamune thinks about pursuing her.

The two are followed in the next manga chapters as they go to Paris with the remainder of their class. The two are pushed into some uncomfortable exchanges that show Aki’s previous rejection of Masamune is more than it seemed, even though it is just a class break.

Masamune is made to question the viability of his idea as a result, though only somewhat. Masamune Kun Revenge Season 2 will be released soon, and fans will be eager to see whether or not he follows through with the act.

The narrative has not been officially revealed, therefore we are merely making predictions here. Masamune and Aki may start the adventure in Paris with other students from their class, where they all went on vacation after season 1. Masamune understands why he was rejected, thus it’s more probable that he won’t exact retribution today. Alternatively, given that Aki detested guys and often made fun of them, maybe she is deceiving Masamune.

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