The Priest of Corruption Chapter 33 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The Priest of Corruption Chapter 33 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Chapter 33: Priest of Corruption! Readers and adventurers, welcome back! In Chapter 33 of The Priest of Corruption, this fascinating story resumes.

The author shocks us with unexpected turns that leave us feeling as though we’ve seen everything and wanting more.

They acknowledge that they hadn’t been thinking about one another, but they also say they’ve missed each other enough that they’ve made up for it.
A startling commotion leads visitors to a developing mystery, which unexpectedly changes the course of their friendly talk.

One of them becomes interested in the neighboring individuals who are worshiping demonic spirits after noticing them during their chat. They find three people praying, but none of them are our main characters.

In the previous chapter, Karmen took the key in his father’s storeroom. In The Priest of Corruption, Chapter 33, readers want to know if he will inform Setian what he did with the key.

Android recounted all about the mighty fighters from heaven who showed up in gleaming armor. Marnak added, “That’s a magnificent sight,” reminding Android that he’d said the exact same thing yesterday.

Dakia told Android that the deity she worshiped in was a powerful warrior from heaven, and that the warrior appeared quite menacing.

Marnak told her that because he was dead, he didn’t think this mattered to him. Shantux, Mark’s rescuer, was killed by the wizard.

They were the ones being questioned now. After taking a moment to excuse himself, Android thanked Marnak for assisting them in getting to the capital securely.

The Priest of Corruption’s previous episode saw the long-ago reunion of Marnak and Dakia, two longtime friends.

He told Marnak that when they arrived at their destination, he would lavish them with gifts. Karmen recalled that he needed to say something to everyone when Marnak informed him he was looking forward to it.

When no one else ever assisted Marnak, Chantix was a really generous person. Unaware of his actual fighting prowess, the majority of people view Marnak as a priest.

However, we are about to witness someone other besides the Inquisitors and demons realizing just how powerful Marnak truly is.

In the previous chapter, there was an intense turn of events that put our protagonists in serious jeopardy.

The severity of their dilemma compels them to reevaluate their questions. They talk about the slim chance that magic can outwit nature’s forces.

The Priest of Corruption Chapter 33 Release Date

On December 10, 2023, The Priest of Corruption, Chapter 33, will be available everywhere. Indian readers can access Chapter 33 at 4:30 p.m. IST, while Korean readers can access the new chapter at 8:00 p.m. KST. Similar to the other manhwas, the Priest of Corruption.

The Priest of Corruption Chapter 33 Trailer

The Priest of Corruption Chapter 33 Plot

An avalanche is rapidly approaching and growing larger. Chapter 29 of “The Priest of Corruption” is jam-packed with action and noteworthy events. There is not much time left, so everyone is told to prepare to escape in order to preserve their lives.

Anyhow, a character skilled in the art of magic has a notion. To give people more time to escape, they wish to slow down the rapidly falling water.

It demonstrates that even with its greatest efforts, the torrential slide has the potential to cause a great deal of damage.

Because of the difficulty of utilizing magic and the size and horrifying nature of an avalanche, the others are to begin to doubt that it is conceivable. But they choose to give it a shot because things are so bad.

They fear that if they exert their strength, they would become extremely weak and possibly pass out.

But they plan ahead because they are committed to defending their friends and those who are in danger.

With their might, they will halt the torrential slide, causing a temporary pause. As a result, others will be able to flee and find shelter.

They are willing to tolerate the risky aspect of the approach in order to save lives.

The magical characters did everything they could to prepare for the consequences as they prepared their spell and let it loose on the avalanche. They have no idea if it will be successful.

Their bravery and selflessness are demonstrated by their readiness to go to tremendous lengths to guarantee the safety of others. When a torrential slide occurs, it is awful.

Fortunately, though, many are able to get away due of the delay they created. The fact that their arrangement seems to have partially succeeded is both a relief and a victory. Abruptly, the chapter takes a different turn.

After seeing the magic in action, the character confronts the magician. They admit that they are aware of their relationship to the enigmatic colossus.

The character who discovers the charm starts talking, detailing how their harsh treatment and contempt serve as the source of their bewildering powers. There’s a shocking change in perspective after being chastised for worshiping wicked stuff.

Despite their changed ideas and skills, they pledge to treat the other characters with respect and resistance. This is a moving scene that emphasizes compassion’s morality.

Someone with talent must intervene to halt the raging, torrential slide and save lives. If given the chance, they anticipated saving their friends.

Their skill is in postponing the attack for as long as it takes for others to supply nonexistence. That was when it all turned out to be false again. The other characters discover they are related to the most incredible species.

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