So I’m a Spider, So What? Season 2: Release Date, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The fantasy isekai TV anime “Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?,” which translates to “So I’m a Spider, So What?,” is based on a series of light novels published in Japan by Okina Baba and drawn by Tsukasa Kiryu.

It follows an anonymous protagonist through high school as they watch as their class is decimated in an alternative reality where a mighty god is being threatened by a former hero and demon ruler. After that, our heroine and her fellow pupils are reborn into that parallel universe.

Although some of them take human, elf, or other humanoid forms after rebirth, our hero is born a spider from the depths of a dungeon. From the moment of her birth, her existence is consumed by an endless struggle for survival as formidable forces relentlessly pursue her.

So I’m a Spider, So What? Season 2

It doesn’t take long for our heroine to figure out that her new environment is structured like an RPG. Leveling up requires killing, and killing is necessary for survival. In the first season, there are two separate timelines.

In one, we see how the spider (a fanbase called Kumoko) evolved fifteen years ago; in the other, we see how contemporary circumstances have affected human reincarnation. No need to fret about the release date of “Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?” since we’ve got you covered.

So I’m a Spider, So What? Season 2 Renewal Status

Renewal of an anime series before its conclusion is a very unusual occurrence. After a few years, successful programs are sometimes revived. After the first season ends, there’s a chance that the authorities will approve this program. Both the show’s popularity and its score on MAL are on the rise.

In addition to ranking #711 in popularity on the same site, the series has over 230K members in its MAL group. Fans started demanding a second season as soon as they saw the first one’s ending, and the first season just concluded.

Additional information: the production company has sufficient raw materials to create an anime series sequel. Several loose ends were also left after the first season. Additionally, given the outstanding success of its first run, it’s quite unlikely that the producers would turn it off so soon.

Thus, the possibility of the anime’s comeback for a second season remains. Supporters might anticipate that the authorities will renew What the Hul? I’m a spider. Exactly this year, in season 2.

So I’m a Spider, So What? Season 2 Release Date

Why does it matter if I am a spider? A second season has not been confirmed as of yet. Therefore, the anime’s producers have not yet provided us with any more updates. All we can do now is wait for a quick announcement. In general, it doesn’t take long for an anime to return for a second season if it gets positive reviews from fans.

Considering it’s the same as I’m a Spider, Which Anime Should I Watch? After that, we may anticipate developments leading up to the next season very shortly. As of May 2021, the reported cumulative amount of views for the first season of the anime in China was over 200 million. Thus, the potential demand for the second season of the anime is already apparent.

We can only guess at the time of release, but if the company rushes to announce it, Season 2 may be out in early 2024. But until there’s an official word, readers should hang tight.

So I’m a Spider, So What? Story

A huge space-time spell on Earth accidentally struck a specific Japanese high school class, killing everyone in it, in a parallel universe where the fight between the hero and the demon lord played out again. Nonetheless, the class was reborn into that parallel universe under the auspices of what appeared to be a miracle.

Not all of the girls had the good fortune to become lords, kings, or other powerful figures. She endures immense suffering after being resurrected as a weak spider creature in a dungeon teeming with terrible animals. Nevertheless, she persists in the face of formidable foes, using nothing but her human understanding and an optimistic outlook.

So I’m a Spider, So What? Season 2 Plot

The events of the first season suggest that the upcoming second season will center on demon lord Arie’s reign and her plans for the future. Her power is immense, and she would be very tough to overcome. Accordingly, the next conflict to break out will include more captivating combatants. Schlain seems to have been pushed back by Wakaba and her squad.

Finally, Wakaba is seen behind Ariel’s squad, suggesting that she is likely a servant of the demon king. Season 2 of the anime will begin pleasantly and gradually build up to Ariel’s ambitions because she has gotten what she wanted and seems to have abandoned the conflict.

Even now, there is Potimas, hell-bent on killing Sophia. Since the vampire reincarnates, we should expect to see Potimas reprise his role as adversary. I am a spider; let’s read the manga to find out more about it. Upon its return to screens, So What Season 2 will go on.

Volume 5 of the manga concludes the first season, which ends with Ariel leaving the war and enlisting Sophia and Kumoko. Since Wakaba withdrew, everything should calm down, but the anime doesn’t provide us with any information about Schlain. The coup is still an open question, which will likely lead to more intriguing developments.

Thus, Schlain does not just want to put the coup behind him and restore things to their original state to cleanse his reputation. Schlain shouldn’t have too much trouble now that Hugo has been vanquished; after all, he was simply a puppet.

So I’m a Spider, So What? Season 2 Trailer

The show’s renewal status remains unknown to us. So, we haven’t gotten any trailers from the show’s creators either. We’ll just have to wait a little longer. In the meantime, we can watch the trailer on YouTube and catch up on the first twenty-four episodes that are already online.

Where to watch So I’m a Spider, So What?

Based on a popular light book, So I’m a Spider, So What? is an anime series that you can watch on Crunchyroll.

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