The Ponysitters Club Season 3 Expected Release Date: Did The Show Get Renewed Or Not?

The Ponysitters Club is a web series for kids that was produced in Canada and is now streaming on Netflix. Based on a novel for young readers by Victoria Carson, the show is the brainchild of Elizabeth Turner and Nancy Yeaman and tells the story of a group of kids who take care of and grow horses and ponies at a ranch that is dedicated to helping mistreated animals.

The first season of the cute new sitcom “The Ponysitters Club,” which consists of 10 episodes, debuted on August 10, 2018, and was a hit with kids and their parents. Season 2 of the show, again consisting of 10 episodes, aired on November 16, 2018, after being renewed for a second season by Netflix. The show’s devoted audience is now anxious to know if it will be renewed for a third season. All the information we have regarding next year’s chances is below.

The Ponysitters Club Season 3 Renewal Status

There has been no official word about the show’s future in quite some time. That being said, it’s probably not going to get picked up for a third season. The lack of a new season for close to two years is indicative of the show’s cancellation. Since the middle of 2017, the show’s social media profiles have gone dormant.

The Ponysitters Club Season 3 Release Date

Both seasons of The Ponysitters Club consist of ten episodes. Kids are so into it after the first two seasons that they can’t wait for season three to be announced. Release dates for seasons one and two of the show were August 10 and November 16, respectively.

Since then, however, there have been no further developments in the production of season 3. It’s been years, therefore there’s probably not going to be a new season. There have been no confirmed reports of a Season 3 renewal. Let’s see what develops while we wait.

The Ponysitters Club Storyline

Skye, a dyslexic child, and her family—her mother, Shelby, and her grandfather—are at the center of this tale. The family has a reputation for being very kind to animals, and Skye follows in her family’s footsteps by showing a great deal of care and concern for the animals she has grown up with at their rescue ranch. Skye witnesses numerous instances of animal cruelty, especially toward horses.

As a result, she and her pals make the decision to intervene on behalf of the animals. Skye and her three best friends, Olivia, Trish, and Ethan, start a group called The Ponysitters group with the goal of rescuing animals in need and giving them a forever home at Skye’s rescue ranch. As the show progresses, Skye and one of the rescued horses, Puzzle, form a strong friendship. The show spreads a heartwarming message of compassion and affection, which are sorely needed in today’s cold, calculating, and materialistic society.

The Ponysitters Club Cast and characters

  • Morgan Neundorf as Skye
  • Cailan Laine Punnewaert as Shelby
  • Diana Chrisman as Bianca
  • Hugh Wilson as Grandpa
  • Madeline Leon as Billy
  • Khiyla Aynne as Trish
  • Zyon Allen as Ethan
  • Maya Franzoi as Olivia
  • Victoria Tomazelli as Isabella
  • Kelly Pinch as Finn
  • Paul Nicholas Mason as Barry

The Ponysitters Club Season 3 Plot

The novel follows the thrilling exploits of a band of young horse and pony protectors. Primarily, it seeks to save animals from cruel owners. Skye, the series’ protagonist, resides at the Ranch with her mother and grandfather. Her ultimate career goal is to work in animal care. Her two closest friends and fellow pony-sitters are Shelby and Ethan.

Skye, Trish, Olivia, and Ethan join the Ponysitters Club in the pilot episode to take care of Puzzle, a new horse recently brought to the Ranch. The youngsters’ perseverance and resourcefulness in the face of a variety of challenges are on full display throughout the series.

The team’s first difficulty arises when the miniature pony Minni goes missing and they have to scour the Ranch for it. They continue their journey into the unknown when they encounter a wide variety of snakes, turtles, reptiles, and other woodland dwellers. The most significant aspect is that they stuck together and learned something new even if they had to go through some tough times.

There is a new level of chill and awe in this season. The youngsters’ personal lives take precedence over the horses this season. Ponies, of course, go on adventures of their own. This year, instead of the same old Halloween, Christmas, costume party, etc., we can see something truly special. We shall realize the value of a family unit by the series’ conclusion.

The Ponysitters Club Season 3 Trailer

While we wait for Netflix to reach a decision on the show’s future, you can get a taste of what the show and its plot have to offer by watching the trailer for Season 2. You can watch all of the seasons of the show on Netflix if you haven’t watched it yet.

Where can I watch The Ponysitters Club?

Both seasons of ‘The Ponysitters Club are currently streaming on Netflix.

The Ponysitters Club Review

In spite of one child’s dyslexia and another’s cerebral palsy, the sheer love they show to one another is brilliantly portrayed in the show. The show is a breath of fresh air in a genre dominated by stale adventures and interesting gadgets for kids. The show’s makers have received praise for their attempts to teach today’s young children about the importance of love and empathy in a world where many youngsters their age spend their time online or playing video games. Skye’s rescue ranch is full of jumping chicks, lively calves, and brave horses; it’s a welcome sight compared to the drab and lifeless circumstances in which today’s youngsters are raised.

However, the show is let down by a poor script, and there is no discernible plot. While the show’s storyline leaves little to be desired, the show’s warm and fuzzy images of love, understanding, generosity, friendship, and devotion more than makeup for it. The importance of a supportive family unit is also emphasized, as the three generations that run the rescue ranch are demonstrated to share an unbreakable link. In conclusion, ‘The Ponysitters Club’ is a great show that teaches valuable values to kids over the age of seven. It’s a show that kids will love, but adults won’t get anything out of watching it.

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