Looking For The Best Hypercar? The New Astron Martin Victor Is Made For You.


When you talked about beauty and the speed of the car, the 3rd most famous car industry at a global level the “Astron Martin” will comes to arrive in your mind. The “Astron Martin Victor” is one of them. ‘Victor’ will appear at the end of September 2020 in the United Kindom.


Victor will arrive with the 7.3 liters tank along with a v12 engine that can able to produce a 606 torque pound-foot, with a 622kw powerful boost. It produces the 848 horsepower along with 6-speed manual transmission with 14 stoke engines. By, this victor makes exhaust heavy noise which is suitable for the hypercar lover.

The look of the victor is a killer because it is made of carbon fiber material and it is inspired by its’s 1980’s model. The dark shade color makes dealers crazy and also, this body is known as Pentland green which is suitable with carbon color.

The victor builds for VIPs and for very special dealers because it will suitable for those kinds of luxurious merchants.

It has a U-shaped classic steering wheel which is more comfortable to the operator. It is a muscular car that enough to say ‘strong’ with fulfilling the merchant’s wishes. In terms of the Interior, the digital touchscreen display is fitted in the middle of the interior of this hypercar.

It will propose the information about the driver on the screen. As well as the information related to the car, which will be displayed on the screen. However, the size of the touchscreen is small, but, it also provides the infotainment system to the driver.

We can measure the toughness of the victor. And it is 380 mm at the front side, and 360 mm at the stern side.

The price of this model is not declared yet, but, according to the source, it can be $950,000.

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