The Order season 2 expecting it to be 2020

The Order season -2


A Netflix original horror drama released in March 2019 was able to win to hearts of millions of viewers instantly. The story revolves around a boy Jack Morton who is a student at a university and joins a secret society to avenge the death of his mothers. And there comes the actual twist. The movie then enters into the world of magic and monsters. Also, he gets to know various hidden facts about his own family. The following season will be a continuation of the previously unresolved mysteries.

Release date

There is going to be a sequel as per the official announcements but the actual date is yet to be disclosed. The production is already in full swing since the Summer of 2019 and we are expecting it to be aired by late 2020. Though there are chances of delay in the release due to Coronavirus pandemic let’s hope for the things to get back on track really soon.


Talking about the cast of The Order season 2, few actors will be back without any doubt. Jake Manley is one of them. The lead actor of the series who has left many hearts waiting for him to be seen again. Sarah Grey who was seen starring next to Jake is also back in its sequel. Most of the casting actors are the same as those in season 1. The trailer of the season has already been aired and fans have got even more excited after watching it. The production house has confirmed that season 2 will bring another 10 episodes of the series which are 45-50 minutes long.

So let’s hope to visit new horizons and turns in the brand new episodes of the series. Tie our seat belts and glue o the screens because it’s coming back really soon.

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