My Hero Academia explains how Deku changed Muscular for the worse

El War Arc de My Hero Academia In the pages of his manga he changed the landscape of the universe that UA Academy brought us forever, and a leap in a big way has shown us a very different version of Blanket while testing his power against a Muscular fugitive.

Unfortunately, it appears that the original fight between Midoriya Izuku and the terrifying villain during the third season of the anime It would have changed Muscular’s mind for the worse. Considering how broken Muscular was from the start, it’s clear this wouldn’t be an easy battle.

Warning! If you still have to read the last chapter of the manga My Hero Academia, el Chapter 308there will be spoilers in the rest of this article by The Truth News. We also remind you that you can read MHA from Kohei Horikoshi legally in MANGA Plus.

Deku vs Muscular in the anime (Photo: BONES)

What power does Muscular from My Hero Academia have?

The Muscular Quirk allows you to increase and enlarge your muscles, to the point where it is able to stand face to face with the blows that All Might He would give at his most powerful moment. Although Izuku was barely able to defeat him in his original battle, it is clear that Muscular’s mindset changed as a result of his defeat.

“Midoriya. I’ve missed you, little one. All these pathetic weaklings just don’t measure up. It’s not enough,” says Muscular in the last chapter of the manga. “I’m not looking for revenge or anything so dramatic. The way I see it with my Quirk is all I could ask for, but I’m only human, you know. “

“You taught me a new meaning of fun back then, and that was the point of no return”

Muscular was released as a result of the prison break that Shigaraki and the League of Villains They had set in motion to unleash the almighty All For One, and it’s clear that his new mindset makes him unleash the full strength of his Quirk at any moment.

Fortunately for the world of heroes, Izuku also made big changes, as he is apparently capable of defeating Muscular. using the full force of One For All. You can now use the powers that are tied to your Quirk, while receiving advice from OFA’s predecessors.

It seems that Deku has become one of the most powerful heroes in My Hero Academia and fans can see the steps to this change during the fifth anime season, now available on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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