The Order Season 2 Netflix set to release

Netflix set to release The Order Season 2

The Order is a series of “Netflix”. In a vast universe of Netflix, this series is also one of them. After completing season 1 10 episodes. The order praised much by the viewers. Series was a total adventure and Jetpack joyride. Completion of season 1 excites viewers for another season of the Order. The announcement of season 2 was made by Netflix.

The Order Season 1 was ended with Alyssa Drake betraying the Jack Morton blowing amnesia dust on his face. What will be the relationship of theirs in season 2?

In the first season of The Order, Relationship of Alyssa and Drake build gradually and after the betrayal of Alyssa on drake by throwing the amnesia power on him. This event questions everything for Season 2. This event forgot that led to the downfall of the Edward Coventry (Max Martini), the death of Drake’s grandfather Peter(Matt Frewer), and even his own name. now in the future, where does their relationship stand?

The Future of Alyssa and Drake’s Relationship…

There is no official announcement on season 2 made by the show producer. The relationship between Alyssa and Drake at the forefront due to the event happened at the end of season 1. The Viewers eagerly waiting to know the fate of their relationship after Alyssa’s betrayal.

At the end of the season, Jack telling Alyssa that he loves her. He is made to lose his memory. Jack has no memory of his name or her. But it is definitely possible that she will get back to Jack. The second season would be a point of attraction for the viewers.

The Alyssa aim was to keep an eye on the action of knights. Jack was a double agent for the knight of Saint Christopher in the Order. Whatever happens in season 2 viewers will enjoy the ride of the storyline.

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