The Nun 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The second installment of The Nun has recently opened in cinemas, but will this villain return for a third film? So, in The Nun 3, what would happen? Prepare to be scared as much as you were by The Conjuring movies, for the demonic nun is returning to cinemas.

According to the synopsis, the new horror film begins with Sister Irene investigating the terrible murder of a priest in France in 1956. For the second time, she confronts a major threat. Maurice, who rescued Sister Irene in the previous film, becomes possessed by the Nun (also known as Valak), which isn’t mentioned in the synopsis. This is the source of most of the problems in the film. Due to the immense success of the Conjuring films, it’s possible that a third Nun film is already being planned. Here is all we understand regarding the third installment of “The Nun.”

The Nun 3 Release Date

Director Michael Chaves has dropped hints about making a third installment of The Nun, although there is currently no set release date. Keeping this in mind, we might perhaps meet Valak in the year 2025.

While a sequel has not been officially announced, Chaves did hint at more adventures for the religious demon in an interview with SFX Magazine. The movie has a sentence that goes, “Demons are infinite.” His words. I appreciate the thought that she has always existed in some shape or another. I believe that the legend of Valak, the evil nun, has not yet run its course.

If you’ve read The Conjuring Timeline, you know that the events in The Nun 2 take place in 1956. We are well aware, however, that in the late 1960s, the Warrens met a possessed Maurice. There should be a continuation of this story. If The Nun 2 performs well at the movie office, Warner Bros. will undoubtedly approve The Nun 3.

The Nun 3 Cast

Notable actors that might appear in The Nun 3 are expected to be the same as in previous films.

  • Bonnie Aarons as Valak/The Nun
  • Taissa Farmiga as Sister Irene
  • Jonas Bloquet as Maurice/Frenchie
  • Storm Reid as Sister Debra
  • Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren
  • Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren

However, as was previously said, there is currently no official word of a third Nun film, so all of this is conjecture at this moment. Watch the new film in theaters and prepare to be scared senseless.

The Nun 3 Plot

The plot of The Nun 3 will most likely revolve around Maurice and Warren’s meeting in the late ’60s, with the film’s protagonist attempting to explain how Valak seized the unfortunate guy again after exploding in flames during its last confrontation with Sister Irene.

Valak was shown on The Nun 2 ingesting one of Saint Lucy’s eyeballs, a revered relic. The relic of Holly gave the evil immense strength, and it became an invincible force that called upon goat demons and blasted energy and fire in every direction. But Sister Irene still exorcised the demon, and Maurice was apparently no longer possessed by it, thus the update wasn’t necessary.

If you’ve seen every Conjuring film in sequence, however, you know that when the Warrens encounter Maurice in the ’60s, he once again becomes possessed by Valak. Since Maurice is still in Valak’s custody, the crew of The Nun 3 must provide an explanation for why the Warrens took an interest in their ship.

The Nun 3 Trailer

Since production on The Nun 3 has not yet begun, there is no official trailer available. Until a few months before the movie’s release, we probably won’t see anything. Listen in for updates as they become available. You still have time to see Valak before The Nun 2 hits cinemas.

Where to watch The Nun 3?

On Friday, September 8, 2023, The Nun 2 was released to theaters. We may also expect The Nun 3 to have a theatrical release before hitting streaming services. Amazon Prime and Apple TV both offer digital rentals and purchases of The Nun and the other films in The Conjuring franchise.

The Nun 2 Review

The Nun 2 has excellent use of sound design from the very first scene. While eerie music and sudden loud noises are essential for a good horror film, stillness may be much more terrifying. The tension built up in the film’s first few minutes is extraordinary, and there is one moment in particular that sets the bar high from the get-go. The directing is smoother and more surprising than its predecessor, although Chaves still manages to throw in the odd dream scene, cheap jump scare, and shadowy figure moving across the frame.

Even the film’s lighting and composition are enhanced in The Nun II. Tristan Nyby’s excellent cinematography makes this picture much superior to the original. Some of the worries are less conventional than you may imagine. With other horrors, it’s not so much “if” as “when” that you’re left wondering.

The story is shrouded in a general air of mystery. Although this was there in the first film, it is far better here despite some weak spots in the story. The Nun II is a subtle improvement over the first film, with new locations and a brighter color scheme. Though the first two acts of this sequel aren’t as engaging as they intended to be, the screenplay makes excellent use of ideas from the original film throughout.

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