Rush Hour 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

More than a decade after the debut of Rush Hour 3 in theaters, the prospects for the long-awaited fourth film in the successful series seem to be improving. Rush Hour 4 is still in the early phases of production, as negotiations regarding the screenplay are still underway, as revealed by iconic action hero Jackie Chan during a recent presentation at the Red Sea Film Festival (via Deadline). Chan has also disclosed that the project has a director on board.

Rush Hour 4

Since 2012, fans have speculated that Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, who play the legendary characters of Inspector Lee and Officer Carter, respectively, might return for Rush Hour 4. There have been no more announcements made about the fourth episode. The involvement of Brett Ratner, who helmed the previous three installments, is likewise unknown.

The first Rush Hour film came out in 1998, and it was about an unexpected friendship between a Hong Kong investigator and an LAPD cop. It was so well received by audiences that it spawned two further films in the action comedy series, bringing in over $840 million worldwide.

Rush Hour 4 Release Date

There is currently no set release date for Rush Hour 4. Warner Bros. hasn’t come out and announced a fourth installment, but the studio has been in talks about making one.

In December 2022, Jackie Chan spoke out about the progress of Rush Hour 4 by saying, “We’re talking about Part 4 right now,” implying that things were moving forward behind the scenes. Since planning for Rush Hour 4 has only just begun, don’t expect an announcement anytime soon.

About Rush Hour

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker star in the Rush Hour film series, which was developed by Ross LaManna and directed by Brett Ratner. In all three films, Chief Inspector Lee (Chan) and LAPD Detective James Carter (Tucker) had a run of bad luck with crooked mobsters in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, respectively. The movies combine martial arts with comedy and the buddy cop genre. From 1998-2007, the films premiered in theaters, where they did well financially but were met with mixed reviews.

Rush Hour 4 Cast

The cast for Rush Hour 4 has not been announced, although it is safe to assume that Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker will return. Even though each of these actors is entertaining in their own right, a Rush Hour film wouldn’t be similar without them collaborating on the newest adventure since their buddy-cop connection is the key selling point of the genre.

Chan and Tucker have stayed friends since their first film together, and Tucker even presented Chan with an honorary Academy Award in 2016. Both performers have indicated a desire to return for a fourth installment of the Rush Hour franchise. Except for the two protagonists, the cast of Rush Hour 4 does not include any significant franchise regulars. Since Brett Ratner’s career has been ruined by allegations of sexual misconduct, it’s also possible that a new director will be chosen for the series.

Rush Hour 4 Plot

So, tell me, why not “Rush Hour 4”? At this time, information on the story’s storyline is scarce. Both Tucker and Chan have admitted to having seen a screenplay, so it’s reasonable to presume at least one story point is hanging. Someone, but sadly not us, is aware of the film’s plot. But we continue to have the proof of three previous films and the strength of supposition on our side.

We can’t really go to the “Rush Hour” films for big hypotheses about the next chapter since they’ve all been very self-contained storylines only linked by the presence of Lee and Carter. But based on the pattern, we may anticipate that in “Rush Hour 4” Lee and Carter will be working together on a fresh case, likely dismantling huge multinational criminal organizations. And sure, they will do this while making jokes at each other’s expense and making goofy faces for the camera. Honestly, I don’t care who else is involved in the mugging as long as it’s Chan and Tucker.

Rush Hour 4 Trailer

No video has been shot yet, but considering the huge delays, we wouldn’t be shocked if some form of behind-the-scenes footage was released if and when production ever begins.


Many moviegoers’ first pick when referring to action comedies is the Rush Hour franchise. The bromance between Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker was praised by critics, and all three movies in the series were commercial successes when they were released. Brett Ratner directed both films starring Chan and Tucker as Chief Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter, respectively, based on characters written by American playwright Ross LaManna.

Rush Hour, the first in the series, premiered in theaters on September 18, 1998. The picture was a smashing success, garnering acclaim from reviewers and audiences alike. The global total for Rush Hour’s earnings is $245,300,000. Each film in the series combines aspects of the martial arts genre, the comedy genre, and the buddy cop genre.

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