The new colors of the iPhone 12 cases appear in an image on Twitter

Apple usually renews the different accessories with new colors every spring. From the iPhone cases, of which we have seen an image, to the Apple Watch straps, we are all ready to see new color ranges.

A photo, but without official confirmation

At the beginning of the month some rumors began to circulate about the spring collection of the cases for the iPhone 12. Now an image that they collect in 9to5mac shows us what to expect. It should be remembered that until we see the products advertised on the Apple website all information is neither more nor less than a rumor.

The image comes from an anonymous Twitter account that appears to have been opened just prior to posting this image. Tommy Boi has also revealed that the new four colors will be called Pistachio, Capri Blue, Cantaloupe and Amethyst. Jon Prosser retweeted the image shortly after confirming they look like the covers we should see soon.

Although the conversation revolves around the covers for the new iPads, Apple usually extends the new color gamut, or at least part of it, to the Apple Watch straps as well as iPad cases.

Keynote on April 20: Siri reveals a possible date of the presentation of the new iPads

For now we do not know the arrival date of these covers, if they end up arriving in this color configuration, what we do know is that it seems that on April 20 there will be Keynote in Apple Park, so we can see news in that presentation.

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