The Last of Us, the HBO series will expand the original story of the game

There The Last of Us story will be expanded to fit the format of the HBO series. Executive producer and showrunner Craig Mazin confirmed this during an interview with BBC Radio 5, during which he provided some new details on the show based on the video game Naughty Dog.

"I think fans are concerned that when people sell a license, they don't understand it or try to upset it." explained the Chernobyl author. "In this case, I'm working with the person who made it, so the changes are meant to fill in the gaps and expand the original story, not to undo it but rather to improve it."

For Mazin, being able to adapt The Last of Us is "a dream come true": "We are creating it from scratch and we are also reinventing what is already present to present it in a different format. For me it is like a dream come true. I am a little scared because a lot of emotions are linked to this video game, and they are quite intense I'll probably be hiding in a bunker for a while, because I can't please everyone! "

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As for the story, Mazin in recent months has confirmed that Ellie's sexual orientation will not be changed compared to video games. In addition, among the few details revealed by the showrunners, Neil Druckmann also anticipated that the series will feature characters from Riley, Tess, Marlene and Maria.

For more insights, here you can find everything we know about the Last of Us series.


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