Gal Gadot, actress of Wonder Woman, cut the tip of her finger in full confinement

First of all: cutting yourself has nothing wrong, does not mean that we are clumsy. Who has not ever made a cut in the finger that has left part of the nail hanging? Something similar and quite large has happened to our Wonder Woman, and that is that giving the “alcoholizes” from time to time takes its toll on us. The actress herself has told it, Gal Gadot, as echoed in Comicbook. But calm down, it’s better now.

According to the actress in the Jimmy Kimmel Live program, and little joke, which seems to have done a lot of damage:

“The early days of the pandemic you started giving mimosas or sangria or whatever at 11 in the morning. And that’s what I was doing, and then I decided that it was time to cut salad, because that’s what you want to do at that moment, so when I was cutting it, I also cut the tip of my finger. Yaron went to the cutting board and took the piece in his hand. He was so grossed out that he threw it in the garbage disposal … and at that point we wondered what we were doing. It was a disaster, we were a disaster. And we stopped cooking and drinking.”

He shouldn’t have been so serious when he didn’t even go to the hospital … but he assures that once they had thrown the piece into the disposal, there was little they could do. But he is better now, although the sensitivity of the finger is still not good. Gadot almost left us as an Assassin.

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