Oakley X Samuel Ross Season 3 Achieves Athletic Sophistication

Oakley X Samuel Ross Season 3 Achieves Athletic Sophistication

Streetwear royalty Samuel Ross has embarked on a third collection with leading sports gear brand Oakley. Ross of A-COLD-WALL* fame has lent his vision and aesthetic to create clothes and accessories with the brand. The collaboration combines the functionality and durability for the outdoors with the avant-garde touch of streetwear.

Oakley x Samuel ross season 3
Oakley x Samuel ross season 3

Oakley made a mark for itself in the world of sportswear and eyewear back in the eighties. With the resurgence of old trends, the big funky sunglasses also seem to be making a comeback. You can see a new style everywhere from the ramps of Louis Vuitton to Alexander Wang. Moreover, athleisure and sportswear have been mainstream for a few years now. It is no wonder that Oakley decided to reign in Samuel Ross, a streetwear icon, to capitalize on the momentum that sportswear brands are getting in the fashion circle. Ross, who is known for his subversive designs for his brand A-COLD-WALL* can catapult Oakley to the front of the sportswear crowd.

About Oakley x Samuel ross season 3

The collection has a theme of dynamic utility. With weather-proof fabrications, durable synthetics, advanced ventilation systems, and dual functionality, its tagline ‘garments with purpose’ rings true. 

The third drop of Oakley X Samuel Ross features backpacks that can transform into carry-on luggage bags, waterproof bucket hats, longline jackets, athletic long-sleeved t-shirts, and some unique eyewear. The visual design is minimalist with reflective taping and customized rubber patches set in a tonal palette. 

When is Oakley x Samuel ross season 3 dropping? 

A fall-winter 2019 collection, you can expect the drop to happen any week now. Some pictures of the collab have already been released as well as a teaser by 

Samuel Ross on his Instagram.

Where to buy the Oakley x Samuel ross season 3 collection?

You can buy the collection from Oakley flagship stores worldwide and on their website. An innovative collaboration, we expect the items to go flying off the shelves as soon as it lands. If you’re an outdoorsy person with a sartorial streak, this will be THE collection for you. No more need to sacrifice functionality for a sleek look or a fresh gear for comfort. Get your credit cards ready; Oakley X Samuel Ross season 3 on its way.

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