The Last of Us Part 2: tips and tricks to eliminate Shamblers

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When it comes to managing Runner or Clicker in The Last of Us Part 2 it is never a problem for Ellie, who with her stealthy skills can isolate and eliminate them silently one after the other. The problem, however, begins with the arrival of the Shambler, dangerous creatures much more complex to manage.

Shamblers are large infected that cannot be stolen or fought in any way through the use of melee weapons. To be honest it would be better never to try to even approach one of these monstrous mutated creatures, since they are able to generate acid explosions which damage over time those in their range. So how do you get past the areas where Shamblers roam? One of the possibilities is surely to give it up, even if not everyone embraces this philosophy and there are those who do not pass a single checkpoint without having made a clean sweep. If you want to kill Shamblers at all costs, we suggest you arm yourself with Molotov cocktails (to which they are vulnerable) e explosive traps. First of all, take out all the Runners and Clickers nearby and then try to place traps: at this point, make sure to attract them to the explosives placed by making noise or throwing objects such as bricks and bottles. If the trap strategy doesn't work, attack them with a Molotov cocktail (making sure you hit them in full) and, if things go wrong and the Shambler identifies you, you just have to take the Shotgun and hit it as many times as possible to bring it down once and for all.

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