The Last Of Us Part 2: Realism and Permanent Death mode guide

Almost two months after its release, Naughty Dog's new masterpiece expands through the update that introduces version 1.03 of The Last Of Us: Part 2. Let's see in detail the changes made and how to access the new Realism mode.

The new update introduces a new way to face the pitfalls of the post-apocalyptic world that Ellie will have to go through during her adventure. The mode Realism it makes every enemy much more intelligent, resistant and ruthless, eliminates the possibility of using the Listen mode, and removes the interface, as well as drastically reducing the amount of resources available. All of this is heavily reflected in the gameplay and gaming experience, making one necessary deep knowledge of battle maps: in order to survive, players will have to learn the location of the access and escape points of each arena, and study strategies to avoid contact with enemies as much as possible, in order to increase their chances of survival).
Completing an entire game on Realism difficulty will allow you to unlock a new trophy, which will be introduced in conjunction with the update, in any case detached from the list of main trophies and therefore not necessary to obtain platinum; you will be able to select the desired difficulty during the preliminary configuration of the settings of a new game.

Another important addition that will arrive with update 1.03 is the Permanent Death, an additional option that can be selected at any level of difficulty that, as the name implies, will make you restart the adventure should you face an inglorious end. This mode will allow players to fully experience the overwhelming atmosphere of danger that the guys from Naughty Dog have managed to recreate within The Last Of Us Part 2, and is divided into 3 different options:

  • Whole game – by activating this mode, Permanent Death will be truly permanent, forcing you to restart the entire game from the beginning in case of defeat.
  • By Atto – in this case, after death you will be brought back to the beginning of the act you were in, an option certainly much less punitive than the previous one, but still quite stimulating.
  • By Chapter – with the latter possibility, in the event of death you will only have to start over from the beginning of the current chapter: this is the least heavy option of the 3 available to you, but it is also the one that has the least impact on the gameplay.
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As for the Realism difficulty, also in this case the update adds a new trophy, always outside the list for platinum: in addition, it will not be necessary to use the complete Permanent Death option to unlock the relevant trophy, but you just need to complete a game with one of the 3 active options. When preparing for a new game, be sure to set one of the three options, as you will no longer be able to do so once the adventure begins.

Finally, the latest addition of update 1.03 concerns the Modifiers to buy with i points internal to the game, which will allow you to alter some aspects of the game, both aesthetic, for example through filters to be applied to the image to make it in the style of the 80s or comics, and with real impact on the gameplay, for example by obtaining ammunition or infinite materials. Many of these modifiers strongly recall those present in other titles of the same software house, including the Uncharted series and the first The Last Of Us.

We remind you that The Last Of Us Part 2 update 1.03 will be made available for download on Thursday August 13, completely free for all those who have any copy of the game. If you want to know more about the update, we refer you to the dedicated in-depth study. In the meantime, have you already read the rumors about the arrival of a factions multiplayer mode for The Last Of Us Part 2?


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