The Last of Us 2 and attention to detail: here are the mocap scenes with dogs

Naughty Dog's Lead Animator, Jeremy Yates, has posted photos and videos of motion capture scenes made with the help of several dogs on Twitter to make The Last of Us Part 2 even more realistic.

The mocap scenes created by Naughty Dog to record the complex ingame animations of the animals that populate the post-apocalyptic dimension of The Last of Us Part 2 have seen as protagonists several dogs.

In the shot that stands at the beginning of the article, for example, Yates thanks i puppies Winnie, Moxie, Kippy is Stetson that, alternating frequently on the set to avoid any kind of stress, contributed to make the playful experience of TLOU 2 even more profound and stratified. According to the main responsible for the animations of Naughty Dog, the sessions in motion capture with the dogs they also served to recreate the sequences for the deer gallop.

In leaving you to the beautiful mocap sequences with i canine members of the cast of the latest masterpiece of Naughty Dog, we remind you that on the pages of you can deepen your knowledge of the narrative canvas of the work signed by Neil Druckmann by reading this special of ours on all the factions of The Last of Us Part 2.

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