The Last of Us 2: all gameplay and cutscenes in one video

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We have collected all the gameplay and interlude scenes of The Last Of Us 2 widespread until now with the aim of trying to reconstruct a clear and precise picture of the chronology of the events narrated.

The movie lasts 35 minutes and shows all the gameplay scenes and cinematic sequences as presented by Naughty Dog, with the scenes shown in September last year during the reveal event. The attempt is to give a chronological order to the succession of events, based on the material disseminated so far, from the kiss between Ellie and Dina up to the path of revenge undertaken by the protagonist. A way to get a complete picture of the events waiting to finally get our hands on The Last Of Us Part 2.

The new Naughty Dog adventure will be released on May 29 on PS4 and PlayStation 4 PRO, the launch was initially scheduled for February 21 but last fall Sony and Naughty Dog announced the postponement, the team needs more time to better finish some aspects of the project and give players a title capable of meeting the high expectations of the community.

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For prepare for the arrival of TLOU 2 we also recommend reading American Dreams, the prequel comic from The Last Of Us focused on the figure of Ellie, a good way to further deepen the game's lore.

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