The Last Kingdom Season 4 on Netflix

The Last Kingdom Season 4 on Netflix

One of the most admired series on Netflix is the Last Kingdom since it started in 2015. Many fans have compared the action and dram to Game of Thrones.

Last kingdom
Last kingdom

Now after completion of another season no one can wait for more of the adventure of Uthred. The fantastic news is the renewals confirmed and here is everything you want to know about The Last Kingdom Season 4. 

All about the Fourth Season  

The Last Kingdom originally produced according to “The Saxon Stories” written by B. Cornwell. BBC America initially produced the series, and the co-producer is Netflix. 

As of the 3rd season, Netflix has taken over the production, making it a Netflix Original. The author of the show is Vera Versailles (Martha Hillier) with the executive producer Gareth Neame. 

The production studio making all the magic happen is NBC Universal International Distribution. The story is all about Osbert was taken from his ancestral home and raised by the Danes. His name renamed now Uthred and rose as the son of Earl Ragnar. 

When the banished shipmaster returns to revenge Ragnar, he blames Uthred. Therefore, he escapes with his long-time love (Brida) to Wessex. 

Here he is forced to serve King Alfred and given that task to train his armies to fight the Danes. However, Uhtred dreams of returning to his home to reclaim what is rightfully his.

After the death of the king, the alliance in the kingdoms fractured. Uhtred feels it is the right time to challenge his uncle Aelfric (played by Joseph Millson) to take back his home. 

However, destiny sends you in a diverse direction with Uhtred realizing that his fates joined to King Alfred’s vision of uniting the lands. 

He is lead away further from Beddanburg back to Wessex and meets some of his fierce enemies Cut and Haesten on the way. 

You will see a new king rise and see a time skip where you see Uhtred’s kids grown. Therefore, to make sure you miss nothing keeps your eyes peeled on the new season.

The New Production is Full Steam Ahead 

As seen, each season covers about two books! The Last Kingdom Season 3 ended during the Death of Kings. You may see different plots from the Death of Kings as the beginning of the fourth season.

If they do choose to go onto the events in The Pagan Lord, the time jump will be significant. However, three books still need modification and the writers may even continue the story themselves. 

A fact is that filming stopped on the 19th of July for a summer break. We will keep you updated when the new airdate for The Last Kingdom Season 4 becomes available. 

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