The Idolmaster’s next video game underwent a peculiar censorship

Fans of The Idolmaster multimedia franchise have discovered a rather peculiar detail in the next installment, titled The Idolmaster:

Starlit Season, because it seems that the outfits are not always semi-transparent. The first screenshots published through the official site showed the subtle silhouette of each idol’s body under the establishment:

However, since then, the new screenshots and the most recent advances have fixed this detail since they present less bright lighting that eliminates the previously mentioned silhouette.

These new captures, curiously, only present the buttons corresponding to the version for PlayStation 4, so some wonder if the version released for PC via Steam will also include these changes. If it is confirmed that this is not the case, then it would be clear that it is a change produced as part of Sony’s request to the developer.

Finally, The Idolmaster:

Starlit Season is scheduled to launch in Japan on May 27 on the PlayStation 4 and PC consoles via Steam. The installment celebrates the franchise’s 15th anniversary and will feature characters from all spinoff projects released to date.

The Idolmaster Starlit Season Synopsis

In the game’s story, the idols from all four games will combine to form “Project Luminous.” Heroes compete at the grand Starlit Season festival to determine the idol unit that will perform at the opening of the new Starlit Dome.

The player is a 765 Production producer returning to Japan after completing training abroad. After returning to the entertainment agency’s office, the president of the company, Junjirou Takagi, informs the player that other companies are assembling select units of idols to participate in the Starlit Season.

As Takagi explains that many agencies are already preparing, he puts the player in charge of creating a new unit for 765 Production to participate in the festivities. With several idols and their producer, Project Luminous begins.

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