The Idhun Chronicles Season 3: Release Date, Cast, and Everything You Need to Know

Season 2 of The Idhun Chronicles, Netflix’s first Spanish anime, was just released, and fans are already wondering when Season 3 will be available. Even though the second season only dropped a week ago, people are already speculating about what’s to come. Is it possible that they will never get to see the third season of this anime? The information you need is included here.

An online series showcasing Spanish fantasy animation is called The Idhun Chronicles. This program is produced on Netflix by Zeppelin TV. The Idhun’s Memories, written by Laura Gallego, is the basis for the original story. September 10, 2020, was the premiere date of the Spanish animation.

The second season didn’t debut until January 8, 2021, a full three months later. Although the first season was poorly received, the second installment is doing rather well.

The Idhun Chronicles Season 3 Renewal Status

Will there be a third season or simply more episodes in the future? No, it seems that is not the case. Officially, “No more seasons are planned,” was the response from original book author Laura Gellego to fan questions posted on the same day that season 2 was announced.

A subsequent tweet clarified, “No agreement has been reached to adopt the following books, sorry.” This meant that the adaptation was limited to the first book. Officially, nobody knows why Netflix isn’t going to proceed.

The Idhun Chronicles Season 3 Release Date

Despite all signs pointing to the anime series’ revival, the Wikipedia article for the show says otherwise. It said that no decision had been made to include the storyline of books two and three in the anime. That being the case, Season 2 is the last installment.

The third season of The Idhun Chronicles will never be seen by fans if this is the case. Because of this, viewers are likely unaware of the anime’s formal renewal. The public has no choice but to hold out hope that Laura Gallego and the production company will soon settle. Only then will Netflix reveal the show’s destiny.

The Idhun Chronicles Story

Once the necromancer Ashran takes control of Idhún and unleashes his army of flying snakes to terrorize the people, the first fight for freedom will be fought on Earth. In this battle, impulsive teenager Jack and aspiring wizard Victoria confront the dangerous assassin Kirtash, who was sent by Ashran to Earth to eliminate the Idhunites who escaped his rule.

The Idhun Chronicles Cast

  • Griffin Burns as Jack
  • Erika Harlacher as Victoria
  • Griffin Puatu as Shail
  • Johnny Yong Bosch as Kirtash
  • Joe Ochman as Mago Szish
  • Kirk Thornton as Ashran
  • Billy Kametz as Alsan
  • Christopher Corey Smith as Elrion
  • Kyle McCarley as Kopt
  • Cindy Robinson as Allegra

The Idhun Chronicles Season 2 Recap

Jack and Alsan meet again in a small village two years after Alsan’s transformation into a human-wolf hybrid in the pilot episode. Back in civilization, they make it, and Jack gets in touch with Victoria. They are overwhelmed with affection, regret, and forgiveness at their reunion, despite the terrible words expressed the last time they saw one another. Without further ado, the three of them revive the uprising.

Victoria has had mixed feelings about Kirtash since their previous meeting, but she nevertheless agrees to help the other two murder him by being the first to strike. Kirtash has acclimated to Earth life remarkably well, it seems. Chris Tara, a renowned pop star and Victoria’s favorite singer, is now his real name.

Their relationship deepens and blossoms into love as the season goes on, shocking Ashran and Victoria’s friends. On the other hand, Victoria feels an attraction to Jack, and it’s not just him. She becomes the main point of dispute between her two suitors as she tries to make sense of her emotions.

The Idhun Chronicles Season 3: Is there enough source material?

The narrative of this anime is based on the book epic called The Idhun’s Memories, as we said before. An adventure and fantasy series written by Laura Gallego.

The narrative of the first two seasons of the anime was based on the first book out of these three. So, the creators of Season 3 of The Idhun Chronicles still retain the storyline from the other two novels. Zeppelin TV can make four seasons of the anime and complete it with its sixth episode since there is so much source material.

The Idhun Chronicles Season 3 Trailer

You may see the trailers for the first two seasons on YouTube, but the one for the third is currently unavailable. You can get the whole series on Netflix if you’re interested in seeing it.

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