Dare Me Season 2: Is It Renewed For Another Season?

The novel that inspired the show, Dare Me, was written by the show’s creator, Megan Abbott. Together with Gina Fattore, she produced the show. The series centers on best friends and cheerleaders Addy and Beth. Season 2 of Dare Me has finally arrived. Upon Colette French’s entrance as their coach, everything shifts. The pilot episode premiered on the USA Network in December 2019, but the show isn’t coming back for a second season.

Only a year ago, people were raving about the first season of Netflix, which makes it one of the top ten most-watched shows of all time. The show has received positive reviews and has a significant following throughout the world. Some tragic events have occurred that can severely disappoint you all, although it was intended to come back for a second season.

Dare Me Season 2 Renewal Status

A month after the final episode aired on USA Network on December 29, 2019, the show was canceled. There was no official explanation given for the changes, but we may assume they were made due to USA Network’s new emphasis on reality television. For this reason, the cancellation of Dare Me Season 2 may come as something of a letdown.

What is Dare Me all about?

Dare Me is set in the Midwest and tells the tale of an underfunded high school in that area. Addy Hanlon and Beth Cassidy, two cheerleaders’ best friends, had their lives turned upside down when Colette French enters the picture. Addy is so enamored with Colette that she begins keeping secrets from her best friend. The novel ends with Colette’s involvement in the death of her lover, Serge Will, who is discovered in her apartment.

By the season’s end, it was clear that Colette and her husband had planned and carried out the murder. But the story isn’t over because we have no idea what happened the night he died or why. Since the show was canceled before the second season aired, fans will never find out what occurred that night despite high hopes that they would. This drama series is highly recommended if you want thrilling and suspenseful entertainment.

Dare Me Season Cast


  • Willa Fitzgerald as Coach Colette French, Sutton Grove High School’s new cheerleading coach
  • Herizen Guardiola as Addy Hanlon, a cheerleader at Sutton Grove High School
  • Marlo Kelly as Beth Cassidy, Addy’s best friend and the captain of the cheer squad until Coach French eliminates the position
  • Rob Heaps as Matt French, Colette’s husband and a project manager at Eagle Investments who is working on Sutton Grove High School’s new stadium
  • Zach Roerig as Sergeant Will Mosley, a local recruiter for the U.S. Marine Corps who is having an affair with Colette
  • Paul Fitzgerald as Bert Cassidy, Beth’s estranged father and the president of a real estate company named Eagle Investments
  • Alison Thornton as Tacy Cassidy, Beth’s half-sister, and a freshman cheerleader on Sutton Grove High School’s squad


  • Antonio J. Bell as Michael Slocum, Addy’s friend
  • Amanda Brugel as Faith Hanlon, Addy’s single mother who is a police officer
  • Tammy Blanchard as Lana Cassidy, Beth’s mother
  • Tamberla Perry as J.J. Curtis, one of the local cheerleader boosters, and RiRi’s mother
  • Adrian Walters as Jimmy Tibbs
  • Chris Zylka as Corporal Kurtz, a subordinate Marine recruiter of Will
  • Taveeta Szymanowicz as RiRi Curtis, a fellow member of the cheerleading team, Addy and Beth’s friend, and J.J.’s daughter
  • Brittany Raymond as Cori Ross, a fellow member of the cheerleading team
  • Erika Prevost as Brianna Bradley, a fellow member of the cheerleading team

What could happen next season?

The identity of Sergeant Will’s killer stood out as the most intriguing mystery towards the conclusion of the first part. Will did not take his own life, and his death was orchestrated by Colette and her husband, Matt. The main mystery of Dare Me Season 2 is, however, what happened the night Will was killed.

After seeing Kurtz arguing with Nick on the surveillance film, the police decided to question him. And both Hanlon’s mom and Beth suspected he had something to do with it. The murder scene also contained her Hamsa bracelet. Therefore, the cheerleader could be the one who has the most information about what happened to Will. The troubled romance between Hanlon and Colette may possibly be explored in the sequel. If the series ever returns for a second season, it will undoubtedly be filled to the brim with intrigue, tension, and surprises.

Dare Me Season 2 Release Date

The teen thriller Dare Me is full of suspense and mystery. On April 29, 2019, it made its debut on USA Network. Author Megan Abbott released her novel Dare Me in 2012, and the story was eventually adapted into the series we’re discussing. After the first season concluded, USA Network made the decision to terminate the show. It’s not simply a matter of fewer viewers; it’s also one of the highest-rated series in the United States on Netflix.

Now, fans are left wondering why the production company canceled the show despite rave reviews. Given that Dare Me did not rank highly on its original network, its success on Netflix is undeniable. The network opted to not renew the show because the second season’s screenplay wasn’t written during the first season’s production. Many individuals have questioned whether or not the show will still air after the announcement. Not everything must be kept secret forever. True, but it will return if another network is willing to produce it.

Where can I watch Dare Me season 1?

The USA Network original series Dare Me may now be seen on Netflix.

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