The Homecoming 2- What’s in for the new season, Release date, cast, and more

The Homecoming 2- What’s in for the new season, Release date, cast, and more.

Season 1 of homecoming witnessed a private facility center where veteran warriors were provided care to way back home. But slowly the mystery began as conspiracies and nefarious activities were on the verge!

In season 1, we saw that the Homecoming facility was boarding soldiers with a memory loss drug on the cover of treating them. The new version would be more insane and full of thrills.

Plot for ‘The Homecoming 2’

This new season unleashes a “new mystery”. It began when Janelle Monae woke up in a rowboat amidst of lake. Clueless about how she reached and who she is? Her search for identity led her to an unconventional wellness company in the Geist group and Homecoming vision began.

Walter Cruz, a character played by Stephen James constantly tries to re-create life after war fear and Homecoming plot. He could hardly remember that this program is just a lot more than what is conveyed.

Return of Hong Chau, the character of Audrey Temple is also a secret subordinate at Geist makes an interesting twist. She shoves about the unanimous play in the huge corporate games.

The release date for The Homecoming 2

Janelle Monae replicates Julia Robert’s character as Homecoming 2 is set to hit Amazon prime on May 22nd, 2020.


As revealed by Julia Roberts herself, she won’t be a part of season 2. Her role as homecoming facility therapist Heidi Bergman would not be a part of this season.

Stephan James will be back as amnesiac Walter Cruz. Hong Chau, a minor watchman as Audrey Temple will now appear at a higher position of Geist corporate ladder. Another cast comprises of Chris Cooper as Leonard Geist (an Oscar-winning character).


The trailer of season 2 is out now but it is full of unknown instincts and ghostly mystery vibes relating to season1. Wait to unfold the dark secret!

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