The Glades Season 5: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?

Clifton Campbell’s “The Glades” is a police procedural crime drama. The series follows a Chicago police officer who transfers to the Everglades region and begins his new job in Florida on July 11, 2010. Campbell, together with Lori-Etta Taub, Lois Johnson, and Gary A. Randall, serves as executive producers for one of A&E’s most popular and critically acclaimed original series, “The Glades.” Fans are still curious about whether or not the show will be renewed for a fifth season after the fourth season aired in 2013. The issue of whether or not ‘The Glades’ will return for a fifth season still remains, though.

The Glades Season 5 Renewal Status

A&E, the network that brought you Bates Motel, canceled The Glades season 5 mere days after the fourth season finale aired. The network didn’t provide a reason for canceling the popular A&E program, although the show’s overall rating decline from season 3 undoubtedly played a role. The network’s decision to pull the plug on The Glades is known.

But the decision outraged viewers, and the news stunned more than just the public. Creator Clifton Campbell told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that the cancellation of The Glades was shocking to everyone involved with the program. That helps explain the cliffhanger, but unfortunately, ending a series with a cliffhanger is more often than not in Hollywood, and The Glades was no exception. Fans may forget that TV is a business first and an art form second, but studios never will. At least, unlike some other TV programs, it didn’t be canceled after only one episode.

The Glades Season Cast

  • Matt Passmore as Jim Longworth a homicide detective from Chicago who leaves the city after being shot in the buttocks by his captain, who had wrongfully accused Longworth of having sex with his wife.
  • Kiele Sanchez as Callie Cargill a 30-something mother who leads a very complicated life. She is a registered nurse simultaneously working and attending medical school and is completely devoted to her studying and to her teenage son, Jeff, whom she has been raising alone since her husband Ray was sent to prison.
  • Carlos Gómez as Dr. Carlos Sanchez, Longworth’s friend, and colleague, a forensic pathologist who works the crime lab, supervising toxicology screens and autopsies.
  • Jordan Wall as Daniel Green a nerdy 20-something graduate student at Tampa Tech who gets an internship working for Carlos in the medical examiner’s office. His expertise in all things science-related comes in handy in surprising ways for Longworth, as he helps him crack cases. Daniel is overzealous in helping Longworth on cases, especially if it means he gets to be involved with other police work that he finds cool and interesting.
  • Michelle Hurd as Colleen Manus, the smart and tough regional director for the FDLE. She reluctantly hired Jim Longworth, and like Carlos, is frequently annoyed by his antics. Because of Longworth’s track record and rate of closure, she gives him slack, but she has no problem yanking him back if he gets out of line—which is pretty much an everyday occurrence.
  • Uriah Shelton as Jeff Cargill, Callie’s smart, teenage son who struggles to reconcile his parents’ odd and up-for-grabs marital status. With his father in prison, Jeff constantly tests his boundaries with his mother.

The Glades Storyline

The protagonist of “The Glades” is Chicago detective Jim Longworth. The captain accuses him of cheating on his wife and shoots him to death. After receiving a massive settlement offer from the Chicago Police Department, Jim takes a job with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and relocates to South Florida. He imagines being able to spend more time on the golf course and at the beach if he had more disposable income. However, there is more going on in his new neighborhood than meets the eye. Even more than in Chicago, Jim finds himself actively participating in the community.

The Glades Season 5 Plot

In season 5, Jim was shot, although Clifton Campbell said (through the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) that Jim would have lived. The second season of The Glades was supposed to be an in-depth investigation of Jim’s attempted murder, complete with surprising turns of events and a wide cast of suspects. The fans of The Glades would have known “Who shot Jim Longworth?” before the conclusion of the fifth season. While knowing Campbell’s intentions for The Glades’ fifth season is undoubtedly better than not knowing them at all, the news just made fans more disappointed that the planned fifth season never materialized.

The Glades Season 5 Release Date

On May 27, 2013, A&E debuted the fourth season of “The Glades.” It aired for a total of 13 episodes, the last of which lasted a whole hour on August 26, 2013. There’s a huge cliffhanger at the conclusion of the narrative.No one knows who shot Jim Longworth at the end of the previous episode or whether he is even still alive. Naturally, viewers wanted to know whether or not the show would be returning for a second season.

However, A&E soon announced, to the shock and dismay of many, that ‘The Glades’ would be canceled after its fourth season. The decision-makers have so far offered no justification for their actions. Season 5 of ‘The Glades has been canceled as of this writing.

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