ONE PIECE 1010, full spoilers and images: breathtaking battle before the break

As the first spoilers had already revealed, the battle of ONE PIECE takes it to another level. Everyone is working hard to destroy the pirates of the Hundred Beasts while Big Mom is also taking a big risk. Let’s see the full spoiler summary of ONE PIECE 1010 with pictures.

The chapter 1010 of ONE PIECE will be titled “The ambition of the Conqueror King”, reference to the most powerful and rare Haki. In the cover story, Pudding and his friends are using eye drops. In the chapter proper, Zoro is slicing Prometheus into tons of pieces to stop him from going to save Big Mom. Law makes a comment about Zoro, saying he is surprised that the swordsman’s bones aren’t already broken. Kaido attacks Zoro and orders Prometheus to go and rescue Big Mom. Law transports Zoro away and he appears in front of Kaido. He then hits the emperor with an Injection Shot in the neck, causing him to cough up blood.

Kaido attacks Law with the club, the doctor uses a new technique to defend himself but is still thrown away. Kaido comments on the problematic nature of Law’s techniques while Prometheus and Napoleon take the opportunity to go and save Big Mom. Zoro complains as Law, by helping him, made the two go to help Big Mom. Law replies that he doesn’t want anyone to die for his plan, while Kid says that’s enough since their only purpose was to separate them and fight them from alone. Kid and Killer go to Big Mom, saying they will take care of it.

Under the island, Prometheus saved Big Mom just in time, and the empress congratulates him, saying that Zeus is useless. Prometheus has a request for mom. It then returns to Kid and Killer stopping at the edge of Onigashima, saying that there is something strange going on with the clouds. On the roof of Onigashima, Luffy passed out with white eyes. Kaido laughs, thinking it’s just like last time, with Luffy continuing to stare at him even as he fainted. Zoro tells Law that he will use an attack which will be the last one he can use: if it doesn’t work, he will die and leave everything to Law. Zoro draws all the swords and uses the Ashura, wounding Kaido deeply and causing blood to spurt from his chest.

Kaido notices that Zoro also has the Haki of the conquering king, but Zoro replies that he knows nothing, falling to the ground. Law stands between Kaido and Zoro but both are thrown away by the Raimei Hakke. Suddenly, Kaido hears Luffy’s voice behind him and a flashback starts with Luffy thinking about Hyogoro’s teachings about Haki and how to make it flow into the enemy’s body as well. Luffy realizes that the Conqueror King’s Haki must also be used for attacks and defense, and with these he launches a volley of deadly blows to the emperor.

Luffy tells Law and Zoro to leave the roof and tell the others that he will win at any cost. The real battle begins between Luffy and Kaido who will decide who will reign over the oceans, while ONE PIECE will be on hiatus in the next issue.

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