The Flight Attendant Cast, Plot, What to Expect

The Steward or the flight attendant may be a comedy-drama set within the United States. It is full of suspense, thriller, and mystery. It premiered on HBO Max on November 26, 2020. The collection is primarily based totally on the radical, which turned into posted within the year 2018.

Steve Yockey developed the series. This is a television series. The main character is Cassandra Bowden, who is a flight attendant. This series has two seasons with eight episodes each.

Season 2 was released on April 21, 2022.


A girl named Cassandra Bowden (Cassie), with an alcoholism problem, wakes up in a hotel room in Bangkok. She drank too much last night and had a hangover, and then saw a dead body lying next to her. She was terrified that she would be the culprit if she called the police.

She started her morning as if nothing had happened last night, traveling towards the airport with her colleagues in New York. FBI investigators questioned her regarding her time in Bangkok.


Cassie tells Annie, who is her best friend and a lawyer, everything about the incident that happened with her in Bangkok, and Annie tells her to keep it a secret.

But when FBI agents again asked Cassie about the Bangkok stay, she broke down and admitted whatever happened to her, but she also said that the man was alive when she left the room. As Miranda is stalking her, a savvy businesswoman whom she met in Bangkok thinks is the killer.

Cassie moves with Annie for some time as she is disturbed by what happened to her. Cassie goes on a business trip to Sokolov and tries to find out about Michael, who is a Dutch doctor, musician, singer, and songwriter, but the workers there find something weird about Cassie, and then she runs out of the building and breaks something out there.

Then Cassie went to a bar where she got close to a man named Buckley, who was an unemployed actor, and a whiskey connoisseur, who was very charming and attractive.

Megan is Cassie’s co-worker and a friend who seems innocent, but she is not really. She wanted to find out what happened with Cassie that night when she was fully drunk in Bangkok and while she was dealing with drugs continuously.

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