“The Flash” Season 7 To Recast ‘The Elongated Man’

Earlier, there was news of Hartley Sawyer, one of the cast members of “The Flash” to get fired from acting in the seventh installment. But recently, “The Flash” showrunner Eric Wallace shares the updates on recasting someone new for playing the character ‘The Elongated Man’ in season 7.

Ralph Dibny AKA “The Elongated Man’ did join the superhero crew in season 4 of “The Flash” series. Hartley Sawyer did appear as the recurring Ralph who was a private investigator. Ralph Dibny can change the shapPreviouse and size of his body by stretching out. With his stretching ability and will to help the people, it was possible for Barry Allen (The Flash) to recruit him in his team. Hartley Sawyer did become a series regular after then appearing in both season 5 and season 6.

Eric Wallace To Cast A New Face For ‘The Elongated Man’

Well, the impromptu of the sixth season finale was able to set a major lead story for Ralph Dibny or The Elongated Man. It is all because he has to solve the mystery for his comics wife Sue Dearborn has the accusation of murdering someone. Natalie Dreyfuss is playing the character of Sue who needs the help of Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) to free.

However, fans who did watch the sixth season were in a little shock to hear the news. When Hartley Sawyer got fired, fans were showing their sadness with curiosity to know what will happen. Also, you must know that the reason to fire Hartley was the reemergence of past racist tweets.

But recently, Eric Wallace did share that “The Flash” is going to recast The Elongated Man in the upcoming season. Previously, Eric did reveal to The EW that the series is going to process without ‘The Elongated Man’. Now, it turns out that fans are indeed happy to know that they can watch Ralph Dibny again. Some new talented actor will play the character in the upcoming installment. The new actor is yet to recast for playing The Elongated Man. But hopefully, fans can watch him fight alongside team flash in the seventh season of “The Flash”.

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