Sophie Turner of “Game Of Thrones” Now Literally Owns The ‘Winterfell Throne’

“Game Of Thrones” star, Sophie Turner who did play the character of Sansa Stark, did reveal recently that she now owns the Winterfell Throne from the season finale.

Sophie Turner, as you all know is one of the most popular and talented celebrities. Recently, she did manage to add a priceless piece of furniture to her collection over the weekend. But we are sure that you will feel the surprise and excitement to hear that the valuable piece of furniture is none other than the Winterfell Throne. The 24-year-old English actress was successful enough to create the fame from her character. Sansa Stark was indeed the principal character in all eight seasons of the legendary series.

Sophie Turner Keeps The Winterfell Throne From “Game Of Thrones”

The fantasy series “Game Of Thrones” was surely a huge success and almost everyone who did watch it loves it. There is a huge number of fans and viewers residing worldwide in this amazing and thrilling series. The show’s journey before it comes to an end was from 2011 to 2019. Although the final season of the series did receiver numerous compliments and reviews, it was among the most popular series. Fans and viewers are asking for the remake of season 8 while they are waiting for a spin-off.

If you have seen the season finale, you will know that Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) did get the crown of The Queen in the North. But in reality, Sophie Turner now has the Winterfell Throne to sit on. Sophie Turner’s Instagram story last weekend reveals that the actress can pick up from where her character left off. She did post an image of the throne to be kept under the stairs at the Turner’s home.

“Welcome Home” was the caption that Sophie Turner did use under the amazing photo of the Winterfell throne in her home.

Sophie Turner keeps on progressing forward on her career while performing in some amazing movies. Fans indeed love her performance in “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”. Many fans are also expressing their happiness and excitement through their social media accounts as her favorite actress keeps the throne of Winterfell from the series “Game Of Thrones”.

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