“The Flash” Season 7: Is There Any Chances For The Introduction Of Iconic Gold Boots?

A part of the season finale’s cliffhanger seems to be what you can call the best time to introduce the iconic gold boots in “The Flash” season 7. Go through this article to know how it can be possible.

“The Flash” is one of the most popular and amazing superhero series that has fans residing in every corner of the world. Fans are so curious to know about what they can expect from the upcoming season of the series. Well, it seems like the upcoming season 7 could be the best time to introduce the iconic gold boots of the character. As you know, “The Flash” is all about the character Barry Allen who can run at a speed more than light. “The Flash” is the series that Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino did surely create. It did make its first debut on 7 October 2014 via the silver age “Mystery of the Human Thunderbolt” story in 1956’s showcase.

Best Time To Introduce Iconic Golden Boots

The golden boots are the staple to the character, Barry Allen’s costume in the series “The Flash”. However, the golden boots may seem like a bit too cartoony to implement in the concept art. Due to the death of the speed force, Barry AKA Flash loses his speed and is trying to get back his speed. Finding a solution to get back his speed will be what the first few episodes of the next season will be focusing on. The golden boots can provide an effective solution to the problem that Barry Allen is facing. As new costumes have new technology, it can be the best time to introduce golden boots.

There is no clue that can calculate the time to complete the work on artificial speed force. So until the artificial speed force will be the reason to get back the original speed force, Barry can use the iconic golden boots to get back his speed. Fans are currently hoping for this theory to implement in the next season of “The Flash”. So that Barry Allen aka Grant Gust can be seen wearing golden iconic boots.

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