The Faces of Casting couch in Hollywood

The Faces of Casting couch in Hollywood

The Word Casting couch is so dangerous yet popular in the Hollywood Industry. Somewhere all film industries from all over the world are a victim of the casting couch. This post will tell you the secrets about the Hollywood Industries Casting couch, some of the celebrities you cannot believe that are faced with the problem of casting couch in the Hollywood industry.

All of you are aware of the MeToo Campaign which is against the social humiliation, which is wrong either it happened at the root level or high level. Let’s start with the stars who are a victim of the casting couch in their initial struggling days to enter Hollywood Industry.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence was getting popularity from the Hunger Games. Now, she is stabilized in the Hollywood Industry. In the earlier days of his career, she is to be a victim of Casting Couch. She was forced to be nude in her auditions for the movie line up.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox, we all know how popular she is in the Hollywood Industry. Still, she claims the casting couch. She claims some Hollywood legends for her casting couch Incident. She claimed that she was subjected to be vile; she was very disappointed with that kind of invitations from the respected peoples.

Reese Witherspoon

In the world Reese is one of the highest paying actresses, also she won the Oscar award for the film Walk The Line in 2005. At the age of 16, she was humiliated by one of the Hollywood directors. In Addition, she was threatened by the Hollywood agent to shut up her mouth for that incident.

 Thandie Newton

All of you know Thandie for her performance in HBO’s most prolific show Westworld. In February 2013 she reveals the incident of casting couch, she claims the CNN Director for that the director asks him to sit on his legs. So, these things also happen in Hollywood Industries as well.

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