The 100 Season 7: Update On Its Production And Release date

The 100 Season 7: Update On Its Production And Release date

The story:

The wonderful series of ‘The 100‘ made everyone fond of it. There are 6 seasons for The 100 till now, and the amazing storyline and cast left us waiting for the next season. Fans are waiting to watch that craziness even in this season and are more eager than ever to know what’s going to happen in the final season, which means what would be the climax.

The last season had even more twists and turns than imagined. Season 6 ended at a very high node of drama and created a situation of a cliffhanger with the jaw-dropping moment, where we could see that Hope is stabbing Octavia.

To understand clearly that where all these dramas end, we have to wait for the next season.

What about the release date?

We have got the trailer for the seventh season on May 8, 2020. The CW has officially announced that the final episode of The 100 will be premiered on May 20, 2020, at 8/7c on the CW.

Latest Updates:

The titles for the first four episodes have been revealed. The episode 1 titled “From the Ashes”, the second episode titled “The Garden”, third one titled “False Gods” and the fourth one titled “Hesperides” and were vague enough to be frustrating.

Rothenberg told TV guide that we would pick up season 7 directly after the finale of season 6.

There will be 16 episodes for the seventh season. From the last few seasons, The 100 had 13 episodes in a season.

Through the official account of Jason Rothenberg, we got some hint that the green mist of the Anomaly can be found in several places. Also, some kind of icy terrain and a landscape that looks like a moon could be found.

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