The Defeated Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More

“The Defeated,” which was originally called “Shadowplay,” was made by Mns. Mrlind. It is a mystery thriller series that is written in both English and German. The show is loosely based on the well-known fairy tale “Max and Moritz.” It follows Max McLaughlin, an NYPD officer who is moving to Germany, as he searches for his missing brother in Berlin after World War II. As Max digs deeper into his inquiry, a story of plotting, lying, and darkness comes to light. But small acts of kindness show that people are good at heart.

The sets look great, and the story is told with poise. When it came out, critics and fans liked the show, but some viewers had mixed feelings about it. After the huge ending of the first season, you may already be wondering what season 2 of “The Defeated” will be like. Then let us keep you up to date.

The Defeated Cast

  • Taylor Kitsch as Max McLaughlin
  • Logan Marshall-Green as Moritz McLaughlin
  • Nina Hoss as Elsie Garten
  • Benjamin Sadler as Leopold Garten, Elsie’s husband
  • Tuppence Middleton as Claire Franklin
  • Michael C. Hall as Tom Franklin
  • Sebastian Koch as Dr. Hermann Gladow
  • Mala Emde as Karin Mann
  • Anne Ratte-Polle as Marianne
  • Ivan G’Vera as Alexander Izosimov
  • Maximilian Ehrenreich as Gad

The Defeated Season 2 Plot

The show’s first season takes viewers to war-torn Berlin to start a story full of mysteries. Max McLaughlin, an American cop, goes looking for his brother, but his search puts him in the middle of a mystery that involves people from all over the world. In the last episode of the first season, Moritz takes Tom Franklin hostage and takes him to a secret place to torture and kill him. Max gets there quickly, and the fight between the brothers ends when Max shoots Moritz. Moritz is hurt, but he runs away, having left Tom Franklin alive. In a separate but connected story arc, the Russians free Leopold and bring him back to Elsie. Karin and Gladow are taken in by the police, but they don’t have enough proof to keep them there.

Most likely, season 2 will pick up where the first one left off, with a bad ending. We’ll see how Max and Claire’s love grows to its fullest. On the opposite hand, Tom Franklin could be taken to court. After the first season, Moritz is still alive, and he plans to come back to get revenge on the Nazis and the people who support them.

There are seven parts to the well-known fable, and Moritz changes four of them in the first season. This means that the author still needs to write three more chapters. Also, both Tom Franklin and Werner Gladow, who seem to be in charge of the story’s bad guys, are still alive, and the author has a lot of ideas for how to move the story along. And now that Leopold is free, Elsie may be starting to lean toward the Russians, which changes many calculations for the next season. Thank you a lot.

The Defeated Season 2 Release Date

“The Defeated’s” first eight episodes were all filmed in 2019. The second set of eight was supposed to be made in 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused delays that could not be avoided. In January 2021, series star Logan Marshall-Green posted a picture from the set to Instagram, which showed that the show was still being made at the time.

A post on AVForums said that the first season of “The Defeated” started filming in and around Prague in the Czech Republic in April 2019, and the first two episodes were shown at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival in June 2020. According to a post on an Instagram account for the show’s star, Taylor Kitsch, it aired on ZDF in October of that year. Taking that into account, it looks like a single season of “The Defeated” takes about a year to make. But since 2022 is over, let’s hope that season 2 of “The Defeated” will air in 2023.

Where was “The Defeated” filmed?

The first season of “The Defeated” started filming on April 29 in and around Prague, Czech Republic. The first two episodes are scheduled to air at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival in June 2020. A Taylor Kitsch fan account on Instagram says that the first episode aired on ZDF in October of that year. From this, it looks like a single season of “The Defeated” requires about a year to finish.

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