Ethos Season 2: Will there be a Season 2?

Many movie fans today watch series and movies in languages other than their own to get their fill of “good” content. So it’s not surprising that Netflix took advantage of the chance and purchased the rights to a few foreign-language series, especially ones that touched the hearts of millions of people around the world.

As an example, Turkish dramas are becoming more popular all over the world right now. One of these shows is Ethos (Bir Başkadr in Turkish), which will premiere on Netflix on November 12, 2020. Fans can’t wait for Season 2 of Ethos because the first season was so well received. Let’s find out if there is any chance that there will be a second season.

Ethos Season 2 Renewal Status

Even though fans want a second season of Ethos, it doesn’t look like the show will be renewed. But fans are still holding out hope. In their defense, it’s a common practice in the industry to keep making new versions of popular games. Also, when Netflix chooses a foreign-language series for a worldwide audience, it streams that drama for years, especially if it becomes famous. Also, it often takes Netflix more than a year to get all of the information it needs about how people around the world watch its shows.

Ethos Season 1 Recap

Meryem (Oyku Karayel), who wears a headscarf, starts going to see a psychiatrist because her doctor told her to. She doesn’t come from a family with a lot of money. Yasin, who is her brother and is played by Fatih Artman, works as a bouncer in a club. She works as a housekeeper. Going to a psychiatrist was a very risky thing for her to do. She comes from a place where these practices and concepts are seen as going against what religion is all about. Her Hodja, who was an Islamic teacher and priest, did not want her to see a psychologist. She is afraid to tell Hodja about it because she feels like she has done something terrible.

On the other hand, Meryem’s psychiatrist, Peri (Defne Kayalar), hates her traditional point of view. She thinks it’s normal and traditional, and she blames women like Maryem for the imbalance of men and women in our culture. Peri is lonely and empty because she doesn’t have anyone to share her feelings with. She hopes that her patients and other professional connections will help her find someone to share her feelings with. Even Peri goes to see a psychiatrist named Gulbin. It’s possible that she just wants to talk about how she feels because she doesn’t have a friend who can listen and talk with her outside of work. She misses having someone waiting for her when she gets home.

Ethos Cast

  • Öykü Karayel as Meryem
  • Fatih Artman as Yasin
  • Funda Eryiğit as Ruhiye
  • Defne Kayalar as Peri
  • Settar Tanrıöğen as Ali Sadi (Hoca)
  • Tülin Özen as Gülbin
  • Gökhan Yıkılkan as Hilmi
  • Alican Yücesoy as Sinan
  • Bige Önal as Hayrünnisa
  • Derya Karadaş as Gülan
  • Öner Erkan as Rezan
  • Nesrin Cavadzade as Melisa
  • Nazmi Kırık as Civan
  • Gülçin Kültür Şahin as Mesude
  • Özge Özel as Canan
  • Esme Madra as Burcu
  • Aziz Çapkurt as Ramazan
  • Cemre Zişan Sağbır as Esma
  • Göktuğ Yıldırım as İsmail
  • Nur Sürer as Feray
  • Taner Birsel as Orhan
  • Nihal Koldaş as Sinan’s mother
  • Sinan Tuzcu as soap opera actor

Ethos Season 2 Storyline

Ethos is the story of a bunch of different people from different backgrounds who are all connected by a part-time cleaner named Meryem. Meryem comes from a family on the edge of Istanbul that is very traditional. Meryem goes to see Peri, a psychologist, for help after she had a few fainting spells. Peri is educated, wealthy, and not religious. She comes from a very different background than Meryem and doesn’t like people who are openly religious. The show also introduced us to different people who show how different Turkish society is as a whole.

If the tv series gets picked up for a second season, we expect the episodes to be just as smart and tasteful as the first. Based on how season 1’s story is told, it wouldn’t surprise us if season 2 brought us a new group of characters whose lives were complicated and intertwined.

Ethos Season 2 Release Date

We all know that the next season hasn’t been officially renewed by Netflix yet and that it’s still in the works. However, Netflix seems to be very interested in international projects, and Turkish shows and movies are becoming more and more popular with fans, so it’s likely that news of the show’s revival will come out soon, and the creator of the tv series will start working on it soon. Fans can anticipate seeing season 2 of Ethos either at the end of 2023 or at the beginning of 2024.

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