The creator of Edens Zero shared a provocative sketch dedicated to Rebecca

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The one of Fairy Tail it is a work that over the course of these long years has been able to make people talk a lot about themselves, continuing to gain public even after its conclusion. Its creator, Hiro Mashima, is in fact working on various related works, including official sequels, spin-offs and a real dedicated video game.

In short, there is a lot of meat on the fire that will keep all the fans of the franchise busy, but in the meantime its creator is dedicating energy and attention to his new and talked-about project, Edens Zero, manga that saw the light in 2018 and which currently has 70 chapters – while in Italy Edens Zero has reached the fourth volume – all with an increasingly large fanbase interested in discovering the various innovations that will follow the production.

Among the many characters that make up the vast cast of the work, it is possible to get in touch with numerous highly appreciated characters, but the one who most of all knew how to conquer the hearts of the public is represented by Rebecca Bluegarden, who has managed to attract much attention also thanks to his resemblance to Lucy Heartfilia, from Fairy Tail. Well, just to the delight of all his fans, Mashima wanted to share on his Twitter profile a new sketch dedicated to Rebecca, a viewable image at the bottom of the news that showcases our heroine in a sensual cat costume that readers liked very much, as easily imaginable.

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In case you are interested, we also remind you that on the pages of Everyeye you can find our preview of Edens Zero.

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