Batman v Superman: the writer did not like the dark original ending of the film

Chris Terrio, screenwriter for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and of Zack Snyder’s Justice League he has broken his silence on various issues related to working for Warner Bros. Pictures on two major productions. And he didn’t like it, it seems.

In his recent interview with Vanity Fair, in addition to addressing the effect of the Wall Street “big shots” that we have related to you, he has talked about the script that he had to modify in Batman v Superman, and how he could not do his job when he left Zack Snyder during Justice League and being replaced by Joss Whedon.

In one part of the interview, Terrio has said that he understands the complaints with the scripts of his films, but has said that this is what happens when content is cut to modify the length. As for the other criticism, he assures that although they seem very dark versions of DC, when they hired him they had predicted an even more twisted ending for Batman v Superman.

“The studio seemed to position itself after Batman v Superman that my script was too dark and that was a problem. But what they were not saying, for example, is that in the previous script for Batman v Superman before I joined, he was not only branding criminals, but Lex Luthor. ”

Terrio has said that he started his dispute with WB for this ending, because Batman could not be the whole movie on this path of darkness, but he had to redeem himself, as he begins to do in Justice League.

“Batman had to see his mistake and start rectifying. At the end of the movie, he needed to be the Batman we know, and be prepared to create the Justice League.”

There were even disputes over the scene of Superman wreaking havoc on the desert terror group after Lois’ kidnapping. How would that dark Batman have remained until the end?

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