The Conners Season 6: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

A sixth season of The Conners was set for May 2023 by ABC Network. The Writers Guild Strike put an end to production on the program, so we don’t yet know when season 6 will air. The postponement of the release has moved it forward to the midseason of 2024, between January and March, from its original autumn 2023 release date.

In addition, production strikes in the entertainment business have reduced the number of episodes from 22 in past seasons to 10–15 in the forthcoming one. The season 5 conclusion left fans with sad moments that set the scene for the highly anticipated sixth season, but there is still a lot of uncertainty.

Family tensions escalated in the season 5 finale of The Conners when Mark brought his estranged father to his graduation, sparking a disagreement over paternity.

Throughout the season, we saw Darlene’s battle to pay for Mark’s college expenses, Becky’s maturation as an individual, Jackie’s resilience in the face of her mother’s dementia, and Dan’s dogged pursuit of familial unity.

The Conners Season 6 Release Date

Season 5 of The Conners has Lecy Goranson as Becky, who holds her mug. After a postponement from its planned autumn start date, The Conners will now debut on February 7, 2024, joining the rest of ABC’s returning schedule.

Watchers may still look forward to a climactic series finale, even if they’ll have to wait a few more months to see their beloved dysfunctional TV family again.

The Conners Story

The program centers on the Conners, a middle-class family that is fighting for survival with very little money. They are confronted with the everyday hardships of living in the made-up mid-state suburb of Lanford, Illinois, in a manner they had never encountered before after Roseanne died in the first series.

Producer Bruce Helford has said that the creative team has decided to wilfully disregard some events that occurred in Roseanne after season six, even though the program is a continuation of that series. Everything from Jackie’s marriage to Fred and the birth of her son Andy to Roseanne and Dan’s fourth kid, Jerry, and the whole of Roseanne’s contentious ninth season are included in this.

The Conners Season 6 Cast

Season 6 of The Conners will presumably include the return of the show’s main characters as they wrap up the story. The story of the Conner family will finally be concluded by Sara Gilbert, who has promised to return. The main family and the actors who play their pals are expected to make a triumphant comeback.

It is unclear whether Michael Fishman will be involved as D.J. Tanner. According to Deadline, he was let off from the cast in 2022, but he might return for the series finale.

The Conners season 6 cast is set to include:

  • John Goodman as Dan Conner
  • Laurie Metcalf as Jackie Harris-Goldufski
  • Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner-Olinsky
  • Lecy Goranson as Becky Conner-Healy
  • Emma Kenney as Harris Conner-Healy
  • Ames McNamara as Mark Conner-Healy
  • Jayden Rey as Mary Conner
  • Jay R. Ferguson as Ben Olinsky
  • Katey Sagal as Louise Conner

The Conners Season 6 Plot

Sara Gilbert requested that ABC forewarn them before the program ended so that they could come up with an appropriate climax and finale for The Conners, which means that season 6 would conclude the tale of the Conner family. Before ABC’s announcement that this would be the last season, executive producer Bruce Helford said as much in an interview, as reported by TV Line.

That being said, the tale of The Conners season 6 may take several different turns. In season five, Mark finally graduated and started planning for his future. An important part of it was making fun of David (John Galecki) for missing his son’s graduation. It seems like David’s narrative may be coming to an end now that Ben came through for his kid and David failed.

As a result, Ben and David’s relationship development might be at the center of season 6 of The Conners. Additional concerns include Becky’s future, Dan and Louis’s ongoing connection, and Jackie’s mother Bev’s deteriorating health.

The Conners Season 6: Is it the last season?

As of now, ABC has neither confirmed nor denied rumors that the Roseanne spin-off will end after season 6. But in an interview with France 24, John Goodman said in June 2023—before the actors’ strike—that he believes they “may be coming to an end on it.” It remains to be seen if this will be the case, given the series’ massive popularity and the large number of viewers it attracts for ABC.

Even though there were whispers that CBS’s Young Sheldon would be ending, the network’s announcement that the seventh season would be the final came as a shock, especially considering that the sitcom is CBS’s top comedy. Unfortunately, however, the end is inevitable. The outcome involving the Conners remains uncertain.

The Conners Season 6 Trailer

So far, there has been no teaser for season 6 of The Conners.

Where to watch The Conners Season 6?

Only the last four episodes of Season 5 of The Conners are available to view on Hulu right now. There is no way to see the previous four seasons on this streaming service or any other. New episodes will be available on Hulu the day after season 6 begins on ABC.


Ultimately, viewers of The Conners season 6 are hoping for a satisfying blend of nostalgia and resolve. The long-awaited return in 2024 will most certainly resolve the unresolved plot points and character arcs of the sympathetic family’s journey.

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