The calm before the storm of news in Las Charlas de Applesfera

Although the official date of WWDC 2021 was announced last week, we are still waiting for the odd news from Apple. A period that reminds us of the calm that precedes the storm, where everything is, apparently quiet. While we wait for the first thunders, in today’s new episode we focus on the new betas, the new privacy aspects that protect the user, products to be revealed and also the expansion of RAM and SSD in the new Mac Apple Silicon.

More betas than ever to whet your appetite


The iOS 14.5 Betas reach their seventh version, an unusually high number for an intermediate version. Mind you, this is the last major update before we see iOS 15 and its subsequent release to the public, presumably six months from now. The truth is that this software brings us new features that need to be polished well before reaching the user.

The big question about this is if we will see a Release Candidate next week, we will see a final version directly or there will be yet another beta. The final release of iOS 14.5 should be close, judging by Cook’s words in a recent interview. Of course, there is a desire to start using the unlocking of the iPhone with a mask and Apple Watch.


We have also seen the creation and opening of the Find third-party network. A system that allows us to locate objects through the wireless connection of Apple devices, always in a private and secure way. Now that there are already several brands joining this club, we wonder if we will see the AirTag one day.

One astute user has trepanned a Mac M1 and has expanded the RAM to the beast. A component soldered to the M1 chip itself It is not impossible, but it is certainly not easy. Suitable only for true handymen, it reminds us how in the end expanding the capabilities of a Mac makes us lazy. Of course, the obstacles to achieving it are a large part of it.

And finally, we review the privacy improvements that will come with iOS 14.5. A series of changes that put the user in the center of the use that is given to your data, being able to choose whether or not you want to share them with a third party.

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