Apple Inc Offer $1 Million To Finding Flaw in iPhone

Apples Inc Offer $1 Million To Finding Flaw in iPhone

Apple Inc is known for its device security. And to lock it, again Apple Inc offering $1 Million to Cyber Security Researchers. This step they have followed because of hacking defense. They said that this offer is for Cyber Security Searcher center to find a flaw, problems, and bug in iPhone.

Iphone 11
iPhone 11

Apple Decide to take this decision because, in recent days, there is a threat from hackers to break the security. This concern is rising concern day by day. So, Apple doesn’t want to take the risk of unknown loopholes in their devices. Hackers are targeting the government database, and they through into with mobile devices. It is harmful to users and concern to leak their data. 

Apple takes with this decision in recent years too. Previously they are also invited to the researchers to find problems in iPhone and with the latest research if they could find any issues in iPhone Securities. Not only iPhone but they show up interest to find with a most used product like cloud back up and all. 

This announcement or offer that is disclosed in Annual Summit of the Black Hat Securities.  This Security Conference is held at Las Vegas on Thursday. Regarding this offer, the company said that this is open for all cybersecurity researchers. They can also try to find a flaw in the Mac Software and other target products too. 

This Winning Reward in the giant tech world it is called Bounty. Not Only Apple but other same level companies are also offering some amount if anyone finds a bug in their products. Both sides will be happy with this decision. Because the researcher and user use their device, tend to more carefully, and if any problem found, then Companies can define their product with more ease. 

Some companies are showing up their interest in this Apple Program. Between all Israel company, NSO Group said, “NSO Group develops technology that is licensed to intelligence and law enforcement agencies for the sole purpose of preventing and investigating terror and crime, “ Also they included, “It is not a tool to target journalists for doing their job or to silence critics.”  

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