The Bizzare Adventures of Jojo, the hardcover made by a fan goes viral

After being featured in the second story arc of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Joseph Joestar has carved out a good chunk of fans. Just one of these has ventured into the creation of a work dedicated to Joseph.

Joseph Joestar is the protagonist of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Battle Tendency series but continues to make appearances even afterwards. Over the course of the various episodes the character has changed his appearance a bit.

When one of the protagonists, or antagonists, enters the heart of a fan, it is not so rare to see that it comes to life through fantastic cosplay. This was the case, for example, of Dio Brando, main enemy in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood saga.

Other times, however, creativity takes alternative paths and leads to the creation of something even more unique. After having already told you about the character of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure emerging from a Capuchin, this time to pay homage to Joseph Joestar a man-sized hardback.

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The work was disseminated via the Reddit account by the author himself who took about nine hours to create. The hardcover has been entirely colored and we leave it to you to judge the final result.


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