Wednesday Season 2: Release Date, Cast Members, Storyline, and Everything You Need to Know

We are anticipating Netflix’s Wednesday season 2 announcement. However, since it is inevitable, we can confidently say that the question is less “will Netflix reveal Wednesday season 2?” and rather “when is Netflix making the announcement?”

How come? Well, Wednesday just overtook Dahmer to take the No. 3 spot among all Netflix shows, after having the second-best debut week ever (opens in new tab). All of this is expressed in watch hours.

With almost 1 billion hours viewed, it now trails Squid Game and the first episode of Stranger Things season 4. The fact that Wednesday season 1 only lasts 392 minutes, compared to Stranger Things 4 part 1’s 547 minutes and Squid Game’s 495 minutes, makes this all the more notable.

Has Wednesday’s second season been officially announced?

We don’t believe we need to publicly announce that Wednesday season 2 will air on Netflix at this time. It would be regarded to be among the most stunning suspensions in TV history if it doesn’t happen for any reason. We’re talking about a program that has broken records and still continues to be relevant in today’s pop-culture landscape.

It was simple to believe that the year’s biggest television blockbusters had come to an end after House of the Dragon season 2 had been over. It found out that wasn’t the case.
However, co-creator of the program Alfred Gough indicated to this outlet that it would be a possibility, saying, “Miles [Millar] and I are discussing it. There is undoubtedly more to discover in the Addams family’s world.

In the meanwhile, Jenna acknowledged the season finale wrapped up sufficient cliffhangers that there wouldn’t be a second season – if that’s the direction producers choose to go with and claimed she had “no clue” whether the show will continue.

With 341.23M hours watched, Season 1 has already surpassed every other English-language Television show on the streaming service in terms of the number of hours seen in a single week. Wednesday’s victory is particularly noteworthy since Stranger Things Season 4 previously held that record. Additionally, as of Nov. 29, the program was No. 1 in 83 of the 93 nations that Netflix monitors and made the Top 10 lists in all 93 of them.

In addition to its impressive viewing figures, Wednesday’s comic horror story charmed both reviewers and spectators. The remarkable viewing figures may possibly be the consequence of Netflix’s intensive advertising, which is quite unusual since Netflix only does this for a small number of carefully chosen movies. Credit must also be given to Jenna Ortega, who flawlessly portrayed Wednesday Addams and received high accolades for it.

Sources told Deadline that Netflix is holding off on making any announcements until the new year, but they consider Wednesday’s renewal for season 2 as “inevitable” in their article dated the 16th of December.

Of course, the streamer itself has not verified this, but it seems likely to us. We’re certain Wednesday will return for a season 2, so let’s hope we hear something official soon! Maybe on January 1st? Time will only tell!

The plot of Wednesday season 1

Wednesday had a significant victory towards the conclusion of the first season. In addition to protecting Nevermore Academy and its misfits from the revived Joseph Crackstone, the psychic youngster also disclosed Marilyn Thornhill’s (Christina Ricci) actual identity, who had been responsible for a large portion of this season’s horror.

There are still several significant mysteries from the eight episodes of the program that have not been answered. Specifically, who is the stalker that is still keeping tabs on Wednesday’s activities?

The television show follows Wednesday Addams as she enrolls at Nevermore Academy. Jenna Ortega, a young and gifted actress, plays Wednesday. However, Nevermore High is not your normal institution.

It is a school for those who are unusual supernaturally gifted misfits. Whether it’s werewolves, vampires, sirens, or psychics, each group establishes its own clique, and Nevermore has them all.

Although Wednesday is initially not thrilled about changing schools, Nevermore is not as depressing as she had anticipated. As she attempts to prevent the monster from consuming the school children and townsfolk, she is kept occupied with a murder mystery at the school.

Given how season 1 ended, it seems like the streamer may have future plots in mind, but because it’s not yet official, there is no way to know for sure. However, by doing some good old-fashioned sleuthing, there are certain things we can tell you regarding the conceivable continuation of the series. Find all we learn regarding Wednesday season 2 up ahead.

Wednesday Season 2 Cast

Despite Nevermore Academy’s dangers, the majority of the actors is most likely to return for Wednesday season 2.

  • Wednesday Addams is portrayed by Jenna Ortega
  • As Larissa Weems, Gwendoline Christie appears
  • Valerie Kinbott is portrayed by Riki Lindhome
  • Played by Jamie McShane is Donovan Galpin
  • Playing Tyler Galpin is Hunter Doohan.
  • Playing Xavier Thorpe is Percy Hynes White
  • Enid Sinclair is portrayed by Emma Myers
  • Playing Bianca Barclay is Joy Sunday
  • Ajax Petropolus’ Georgie Farmer is a player

Who has passed away and is unlikely to return for Wednesday season 2:

Principal Larissa Weems, played by Gwendoline Christie, was stabbed to death by Marilyn/Laurel and poisoned with nightshade.

Riki Lindhome portrays Dr. Valeria Kinbott, who was killed by the Hyde (Tyler), and Calum Ross plays Rowan Laslow, a student at Nevermore and Xavier’s roommate who was also killed by the Hyde.

Noble Walker, the mayor of Jericho, is struck by a vehicle that is traveling too fast and is probably being driven by Marilyn or Laurel.

The two main antagonists of the season, Tyler (Hunter Doohan) and Marilyn Thornhill (Christina Ricci) have a possibility of making a comeback despite being apprehended in the season finale. The previous house mother is currently in detention and could make a brief appearance from there.

Since Tyler is a part of the central romantic triangle and his farewell scene suggests that he could go, his return is more evident. Fortunately for fans, co-showrunners Miles Millar and Alfred Gough aren’t making his homecoming a protracted mystery.

Will Tim Burton return for direction?

The promotion for the first season made much of the fact that several of the episodes were helmed by Tim Burton.

The rumored Beetlejuice sequel is the only forthcoming project Burton is slated to work on. There’s no reason he can’t return to direct more episodes, however, given that he didn’t contribute to the scripting of any Wednesday episodes and only directed the first half of the season.

Wednesday Season 2 Plot

The season’s mystery was resolved in the first eight episodes of Wednesday as our main character learned that Marilyn Thornhill (also known as Laurel Gates) and Tyler (who was actually a Hyde) were responsible for the deaths plaguing Jericho and a dark scheme to bring the town’s anti-outcast creator Joseph Crackstone back to life.

Although Principal Weems passed away before Wednesday and the Nevermore students rescued the academy, they were both vanquished, and Crackstone was brought back to Hades. Two unresolved issues remain as the season comes to a close: a stalker is still following Wednesday, and Tyler is still at large with a clue that he will soon break out from confinement.

As for Wednesday, the plot of Ms. Addams revolves around friendship, which was the final thing she anticipated at the beginning of the season. In Wednesday season 2, our heroine would probably return to Nevermore and reunite with Enid and Bianca, who have already made arrangements for the next semester. Enid will probably continue developing her wolfing-out skills while also developing her budding infatuation with Ajax the Gorgon.

While tying up the loose ends of the first season’s narrative, season two will focus more on the Adams Family. Tyler was identified in Part 1 as the monster haunting Jericho town. Mrs. Thornwill manipulates him as part of her evil schemes to bring back Joseph Crackstone, the town’s anti-outcast founder. Tyler was seen to the last senses as it seemed to have escaped confinement.

In addition, Wednesday has a stalker who’s been keeping an eye on her for the whole of season one. Fans have been curious as to who may have sent Wednesday’s new phone the enigmatic text. It is still unknown who the potential new enemy or villains may be in upcoming episodes. It depends on the direction the narrative wants to lead us.

Wednesday Season 2 Release Date

Again, it’s difficult to estimate! However, if we glance at the season 1 chronology, which was filmed from September 2021 to March 2022 (plus the approximately 8 months it needed for the program to air), we can see that the whole production cycle took place over the course of about a year and months.

We would be thinking of an early- to mid-2024 official release if Netflix wanted another season and adopted the same plan. Wednesday would require six months to shoot and eight months for post-production.


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