The Aquaverse is born: Sony will open its first water theme park in Thailand, with attractions of ‘The Ghostbusters’ or ‘Jumanji’

It is clear that franchise universes within the same company, from the commercial bombing of Marvel and Star Wars for Sony, are trending. Warner, of course, has tried to profit from its DC catalog, but it is not the only one: Paramount + ‘s Super Bowl ad or the same trailer for the recent’ Space Jam ‘sequel reveals how the big entertainment companies see to its properties. As possibilities of grouping disparate characters and plots to create universes with more or less meaning.

Some that spirit is transmitted to ‘Columbia Pictures’ Aquaverse’, the water park of Sony Pictures Entertainment and the Thai construction company Amazon Falls. The intention of the companies is for the Acuaverso to start operating next October, and the complex of more than 50,000 square meters will be installed in Bangsaray, 90 minutes from Bangkok.

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Ghostbusters and Jumanji, spearhead of the Aquaverse

Some of Columbia’s most popular franchises, owned by Sony since 1989, They will meet in eight thematic areas, with both water and land attractions. Of course, everything will be spiced up with performances, themed restaurants, merchandising shops and the usual paraphernalia. The eight zones will be:

  • Men in Black Thrill Rides – It will include water roller coasters, one of which will have a 40-foot free fall leading to a ‘Men in Black’ wormhole.
  • Ghostbusters Supernatural Experience – With the first fully closed water vault.
  • Bad Boys Raceway – Movie-themed outdoor go-kart tracks set in Miami.
  • Jumanji Jungle Adventure – Jungle and water slides and the chance to visit Jaguar Mountain while baboons chase visitors.
  • Hotel Transylvania Kid-Friendly Zone – The largest water attraction in the park, with a hundred different areas.
  • Surf’s Up in Surfer’s Paradise – From the animated film ‘Crazy about surfing’
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Swallow Falls River Adventure –From ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’, with a walk along the river and meeting the food animals.
  • VIVO Wave Pool – Giant pool designed to host live events and attractions and inspired by ‘VIVO’, a future animated musical with songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda, and whose premiere is scheduled for June.

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