The App Store will add more ads to its interface, according to the Financial Times

The Financial Times recently published an article forecasting a change in the App Store: soon we could see more ads in its interface. As reflected in MacRumors, we would be talking about a new slot for ads that would be displayed not only in the search results of that App Store, but also permanently in all sections of the store.

Today developers can pay Apple to have the App Store promote their apps above the results of a related search. properly marking the promotion as an advertisement. The new ad zone would be placed in the suggestion section.

A “consolation” for the next privacy measures

This new ad would also look for calm down developers, unhappy with the new privacy measures that will arrive with iOS 14.5 and that will mean a decrease in advertising revenue for many. The more areas where you can advertise, the higher income for those developers. A priori, a compensation.

"We are not against advertising": Tim Cook calms the waters before his new transparency policies

There shouldn’t be much left for this change to take effect, because Apple has already started asking interested developers for the identifiers of their applications. Of course, all the information that advertisers keep about our searches and browsing the App Store is absolutely anonymous.

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