The 6 video games I’d like Christopher Nolan to turn into a movie

The hitmaker like Origin, Interstellar, or Tenet could fit in with multiple titles.

The 6 video games I'd like Christopher Nolan to turn into a movie

In recent times we are seeing how the relationship between series and cinema and video games is increasing. It has always existed, but it seems that today there is a greater interest from large developers in growing their franchises in other forms of entertainment. For example, Sony He already said that the The Last of Us series or the Uncharted movie are just the beginning of the PlayStation expansion.

On 3DGames we have looked at one of the most successful film directors of recent years, Christopher Nolan, and we have thought which video games could convert to film the creator of hits like Origin, Interstellar or Tenet. If you are movie and movie lovers and you like video game adaptations, take a look at these 21 video game series and movies to follow.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding It is clear that Kojima has a great influence from the world of cinema and his love for movies is beyond question. What if he and Nolan adapted Death Stranding and its story of a dystopian and destroyed America? Also the actors who have participated in the game could come out.


Portal We know that Nolan has a taste for reality alterations and Portal could be a great candidate for the filmmaker’s experimentation. In addition, the history behind Valve’s video games, with the eternal debate between machines and humanity, would go a long way in the movies.


Prey The Arkane Studios game is a great experience, especially for lovers of science fiction and space themes. What happened on Talos 1, a space station that orbits the Earth, would lead to a Nolan movie, and more after his experience with the excellent Interstellar.


Half-Life Another of Valve’s creations and one of the most beloved sagas in the video game world. The story behind Half-Life is good for several films, also related to Portal, and surely its different timelines could attract a director like Cristopher Nolan.


Control The anomalies that occur in The Agency, the mysterious story of Jesse Faden, as well as the powers that he can acquire, are without a doubt very good ingredients for a film adaptation. Nolan could play with the mysticism that surrounds the place and the strange events that occur.

Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark The Perfect Dark saga could celebrate its return to video games with a new movie. Dear Joanna Dark, her attempts to stop the dataDyne conspiracy, and the action of the games would work wonderfully well on the big screen. The franchise has already expanded to other formats.

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