The 17 best websites to download wallpapers for your iPhone

We spend hours staring at our iPhone screen, so having a good wallpaper is important. In fact, in many cases the visual strength of one background or another is almost as much as that provided by our phone case. In view of it we collect Seventeen of the best websites to download wallpapers for our iPhone.

Unsplash: high-quality backgrounds for the iPhone and more

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The first reference website and the one that I recommend the most during my trainings is Unsplash. This site specializes in royalty free images and it also offers extensive collections of wallpapers for all our Apple devices. From the Apple Watch, to the iMac, to the iPad or iPhone, we will find a background for ourselves.

The images are can be downloaded for free and the site does not require any kind of registrationSimply touch the corresponding arrow to see the image appear in the Downloads folder of our device. If we want to refine the search further, although in general the process of configuring the screen phone on our iPhone is more than enough to frame the image, we can write something like Wallpaper iPhone XR to filter the images.

Pexels: backgrounds for all our devices

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Although offering fewer options if we compare it with Unsplash, Pexels is an excellent platform to search for wallpapers for our iPhone or other devices. As before, images are copyright free and we can download them without the need for any registration. All it takes is a search for iPhone Wallpaper o de Mac Wallpaper to find a multitude of reasons to download.

iPhone Wallpapers: only for the iPhone, but with many options

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iPhone Wallpapers is also an excellent source of wallpapers for our phones. Unlike the previous two options, however, it only offers images for the iPhone. Of course, the catalog is very extensive and really varied, so much so that we will surely appreciate the menu (something hidden at the bottom of the window) where we can select the general theme of the image What are we searching for. Images may be subject to copyright. the importance of content filters

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Finally we finish this first review of wallpaper websites with A specialized site with a multitude of options and that also offers a filter selection so that we can easily refine the search. As in the first two options, here we will find wallpapers for other resolutions and sizes such as our Macs or other devices.

The website collects the contributions of other people and, although we can download the images for free, we are offers the option of making a small financial contribution to the author if we consider it appropriate. As in the previous option, the images may be subject to copyright.

More options where to find wallpapers

Andreas Gucklhorn Mawu2pojwfu Unsplash is a website specialized in wallpapers. While the funds are not especially for the iPhone, we can find a great variety and search for the topic that interests us the most. offers us an interesting collection of unique backgrounds where we can adjust the size according to the device in which we want to use it. However, registration is required to download several of the funds. also has a extensive collection of wallpapers. As in the two previous cases, they are not specially designed for the screen of an iPhone, but we can easily adjust them.

Still no wallpaper? 10 other specialized websites

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Having seen the main websites where we can download funds for our iPhone and other devices, Let’s go over a list of 10 bonus options to which we can go if none of the previous options offers us what we are looking for.

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It is clear that choosing a wallpaper according to our tastes is a matter of patience and dedicating some time to navigate through the multitude of options that the internet offers us. Options that vary in quality and theme and that we can easily filter and obtain on one of these websites.

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