The 13 best horror movies on Disney +

I doubt that many think of horror movies when they think of Disney +, but the truth is that the streaming platform includes several feature films of that genre that are worth it, and very much worth it. Taking advantage of the arrival at Disney + of ‘The Empty Man’ we wanted to review the 13 best films that we can find in its catalog.

’28 days later’

Days after

An essential film within the cinema of the living dead, and I do not mean the curious debate that there was when distinguishing zombies and infected. With a peculiar visual finish and a successful cast, Danny Boyle and Alex Garland helped bring these creatures back into fashion with a ribbon that is not round but still maintains all its strength intact.

‘Alien, the eighth passenger’ and ‘Aliens, the return’

By far the best in the franchise, and there are even those who prefer the first sequel by James Cameron to the fundamental first installment by Ridley Scott. I am not of that opinion, but while the original film enhances terror and anguish on board the Nostromo, the second part mixes these elements very easily with others more typical of action cinema.

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‘The forest’, ‘The incident’ and ‘Signs’


Three of the top four by M. Night Shyamalan available on Disney +. The other is ‘El protege’, still his best work today but which does not fit into a list of these characteristics. In fact, one could also question the titles included, where the trend is more towards the thriller, but all of them, including the unjustly vilified ‘The Incident’, with terrifying moments that demonstrate the expertise of the Indian filmmaker in this genre.

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‘The fly’


New version of the short story that already served as inspiration for the film starring Vincent Price. Here it is Jeff Goldblum who undergoes a sinister transformation at the hands of a David Cronenberg who explores several of his obsessions in a disturbing and twisted film but with a romantic component that enhances its tragic nature.

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‘The prophecy’


An essential classic of satanic horror cinema that gave rise to a franchise that never managed to equal the level of this work by Richard Donner. In it he manages to convey a constant feeling of unease, something that is also helped by the soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith and the more than remarkable performance of Gregory Peck as the father of the fearsome Damien. Be careful when entering, that the catalog is also its remake.

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‘The Hills Have Eyes’


A wild update on one of Wes Craven’s most reputable works. There is no shortage of those who defend that this version of Alexandre Aja is superior, but I am not so clear about it. Of course, as a horror film it is the most solvent, it does not cut to try to reach a greater number of audiences and it has a well-chosen cast where no one is out of tune.

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‘The new mutants’


The movie song of the X-Men Universe as we knew it was, curiously, a film very disconnected from the rest that presented a peculiar group of young people with powers in the face of a terrifying situation. It is fair to say that it worked more as a presentation for much more ambitious adventures than anything else, but that we do not neglect the efforts to build a stimulating group of characters that you really want to know more about.

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‘Nightmare Before Christmas’


Arisen from the mind of Tim Burton – from him in a line that fits with the one we are addressing you have the estimable ‘Frankenweenie’ on Disney + – but materialized by Henry Selick, we are facing one of the best animated films of all time, something that sometimes we forget because of how exploited it is in its image in terms of merchandising. An unforgettable musical horror comedy with a gallery of anthological characters.

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‘The Empty Man’

The newest addition to Star’s catalog is a movie that Disney didn’t seem to know quite what to do with, so they released it a bit out the back door. It would have gone unnoticed considering that it was not particularly good at the box office and the critics were not very favorable in the first instance, but it did not take long to receive a lot of applause. Personally, I think it’s a bit too long, but it is appreciated, and much, how well worked is the universe that builds and the great prologue of 20 minutes with which everything starts.

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‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’

Rocky Horror

A mythical horror musical comedy that doesn’t cut itself at all. It is not a film for all tastes -even depending on the person of the same spirit, it may enchant or scare him-, but those who connect with it will find a unique and unrepeatable work with an overwhelming Tim Curry who has well earned all his fame .

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